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Germany. Day 7. To Hellenbach and beyond...

It’s Thursday!!! Do you know what that means? I’m not sure I’ve told you this before, but the week looks like a bell curve to me: starts from left corner down on Monday, slowly climbs through Tuesday by Wednesday midday it’s on top of the curve and after 12 that day it starts descending towards the right hand corner which is the weekend, reaching the bottom by Friday. So I’m half way there haha I’m talking Gibberish I know!
Anyway, here is Day 7 and I want to do this separately, because I’m only left the two days we spent in Munich and that should be one post alone. Plus there is so much to say there that I could not fit everything in this blog now.
Considering this is the day we left Hellenbach, we didn’t do a lot of things, but what we did do, was- uh! – heroic! Haha Heroic for me that is, because for mom it was just funny as all hell. It’s always easy to make comments from the side than to be in the middle of the whole situation! And yes, I’m talking about riding Riddick.
I know few…

Germany. Day 5 and 6. The Mission

It’s Tuesday but I wrote this on Sunday evening, just to clarify what’s coming next. Smile! And enjoy…
Good morning again. And this is weird to say because it’s past 9PM and I’m on a plane a few thousand feet above sea level flying towards Bucharest. It’s Sunday evening still in both Germany and Romania. We had a wonderful morning and early afternoon with Bernie and Anca. A bit windy but sunny. The moment we got ready to leave, Bavaria started crying for us. Literally. With a storm. “Stay inside idiots, don’t leave just yet, this is fun.” And despite wanting to stay, we had to go. But more about Sunday when I get there.
Right now we’re still at Day 5 and 6 of our vacation.
Shopping. The final frontier. These are the continuing voyages of Mela and Mom. Our ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. (to the MALL!!!)
Well, if you haven’t figured it out already, this is two ladies traveling,…

Germany. Day 3 and 4. Sheep Dance and Farming

Good something to everyone! I never know when I’m actually going to post this so I give up saying morning, afternoon or evening so, please chose an option that suits you when you read this.
Considering I am so far behind with this, I will do my best and be efficient by putting at least two days into one story. Today we are leaving Hellenbach and going to Munich to meet our dearest friends Bernie and Anca soooo… there’s more material and inspiration coming my way which of course, has to be told.
DAY 3.
On the 3rd day, which I believe was Monday (remembering days while on holiday is always problematic because well, I don’t have to keep an agenda so time flies by differently), Nancy invited us over to a local parade in a town nearby called Onolzheim (Nancy just spelled that for me ‘cause otherwise I would have called it Onza – she says that’s the accent in which the word is pronounced). The parade is called the Dance of the Sheep (male sheep that is). She gets two badges for mom and I to r…