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Caledonian Ball 2013 - The "Light into Europe. One Team. One Mission" Premiere

Well, I guess it’s been a while. Honestly right now, I feel this horrible need to take a long bath, with candles and some soothing music, because I am exhausted. Ok, lemme say that again. E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D. Is it big enough? I should also probably mention that I think I spread a toe. Hahaha It’ swollen and it hurts. Will see what changes occur until tomorrow morning, then will decide whether to see a doctor or not.
By the way this is Sunday evening. Even though I’ll post this on Monday. Unfortunately Monday means work so not enough brain left to handle blog and work at the same time. So... The Caledonian Ball and the big evening. And Mom’s birthday! Yeah... And to top it all off, somehow, the Caly Ball this year was one of the best, most crowded and rich I’ve seen in the past years.
Anyway. Thursday, Cristi and I had completed (almost) the first video. As in we had it all together, the image, the music but we were missing the text. A few key words and sentences here and there to emphas…

Guy Fawkes and his “followers”

This is an article I did recently for Light into Europe, covering the Bonfire night. If you didn't know about this really fun event, read below and prepare for next year because it will be held again in beginning of November. More details on the Light into Europe website and FB page. MUAH and have a great week! _________________________________________________________________________________
November 1st and I found myself again at the Crown Plazza Hotel where Light into Europe hosts every year the Bonfire night in the back gardens. And every year I asked myself the same question: why do the British celebrate a bunch of people trying to set the Parliament on fire? It seems that back in the year 1605, a man name Guido ‘Guy’ Fawkes and some angry chaps gathered few kegs of gunpowder and set out to blow up Parliament with the hopes of killing King James I. The event has been known as the Gunpowder Plot ever since.

Well, all being said, the Brits of modern days take advantage of this ep…

Germany. Day 8 and 9. Munich

Good morning Bucharest, good morning Romania! I sound like Larry King right now, with the fine exception that I live on the other side of the ocean and he has his show in the evening haha
Anyway, ladies and gents, it’s Monday, for those of you who have not noticed and despite the bad news this word entails, Mela had some decent rest this weekend and is ready to take the bull by the horns. Hopefully we’re talking about a medium size bull with smaller horns haha.
I have so much work to do and I am faced with the horrible choice of having fun with my colleagues for the following two weekends – or – stay home and work on the trailer and documentary for Light into Europe – and it’s killing me. But sacrifices must be made and, even though, I am making terrible efforts to please everyone, at the end of the day, some things have to have priority. I suck at prioritizing though! HA!
Coming back to the main subject of this blog – namely the two last days of our vacation in Germany – I have to say,…