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The little things

So, my dearest People of the Journal. For once, there is actually no purpose to this entry. It’s just about the little things that happen daily and that make a bigger difference than estimated. Whether it’s good or bad.
Like the time when I was on the subway a week ago, rushing to work. Well the subway was rushing, I was just sitting my ass in there counting the minutes, cursing at myself for running late again. I must reiterate once more the fact that I was born late and this is a genetic problem with no connection whatsoever to my dedication and loyalty for work. HA! Moving on… I was on the subway when the conductor comes on the speaker to announce that due to a suicide case somewhere along the line from Unirii to Piata Victoriei, the traffic is a bit slow. I’ve been in Bucharest for seven years now and this is the second case of suicide I hear of in the subway. So I automatically shift position in my corner, jammed by the crowd filling the metro at such an early hour. My eyes roll o…

2013. Counting my Deeds

Good morning. Ok, so I’ve been thinking. And now I hear Jim in my head saying “No, you do that? I’m scared now!” Adorable as always. Anyway. I’ve been thinking I have to give you all a name. I like how Anne Rice calls all of us, her fans commenting and posting on her FB page. She calls us People of the Page. Well, this is not a page, is a blog, so how about I call you People of the Blog?... No. Sounds like crap. I know! How about People of the Journal? Yeah, much better. I am sure I’ll polish it a bit here and there in the days to come BUT, I think we’re on the right track.
So my dearest People of the Journal, I’ve been thinking to draw the line before End of December and count my deeds for the past year. What I had planned for, what I had done to make it happen and what I have actually succeeded in.
Personally, when I did the counting I concluded I was a major failure in pretty much everything I’ve chased after. Emily on the other hand bitches at me that there is so much more to my “f…