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Our Strange World

Hello Friday and welcome St. Nicholas!
I know we’re all getting ready for St. Nicholas to pay us a visit tonight. I know parents are running crazy with last minute gift shopping for the little ones. I even got something for my baby boy. Of course I did!!!! So maybe tomorrow, after you’re done with the morning madness of unwrapping gifts and you get your hearing back from all the screaming haha, you’ll grab a hot chocolate, put your doggy slippers on and fall back in the sofa with your laptop on your knees. Sounds like me! Haha Then scroll through this list of really strange animals to be amused and freaked at the same time, by mother nature which never seizes to amaze us.
It’s one of my favorite pastime activities, especially at a time like this, when I don’t feel like going out. I flip through the channels and somehow I always end up watching some documentary, movie or cartoons. So here are some strange animals, some of you probably didn’t know existed on Earth. I tried to research a…