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The Momoa Encounter

Sunday, May 11, 8:30AM
*** May I also add this literally comes as an early gift for my Bday considering it’s a month away. Yeah. I like to look at it that way. Yes.
So, Mela wakes up. At 5:00AM actually because Grasu insisted on playing with his toys and I was so damn pissed. I know he feels “released” once he poops but he can spend all that good energy in going back to sleep, once the load has been taken off. Or snore, or purr, or whatever else he likes doing other than playing. But no. He decides a good chasing after his rats at 5:00AM is absolutely in order. So I too have to chase him around the house to calm his ass down. I finally manage to get some more sleep – which is a miracle, because once I’m up, well, I’m up and there’s no going back!
8:30AM I wake up and I decide I need to finish whatever I need to finish before I leave to Romexpo. But I hardly ever stick to plans and so I end up doing my Jillian Michaels work out at about 10:00AM which means that by 11 I also had breakfas…

Catching up!

Sooo. Went silent since February 14. Isn’t that an awful thing? (HA!)
Well, as incredibly as it may seem life can be a clingy bitch. In other words, even though nothing exciting actually happens, I am still busy as all hell. I guess this is how things go. Sometimes there are fun and beautiful things happening in a short period of time and sometimes you go for months without doing anything other than work/home/friends. (less friends, more work and home is a sort of hotel!)
Work has been horribly busy. In a way it hasn’t been in a long time; I can even say it has never been this bad; to the point where my life literally resumed to work alone. I was lucky to have mom come over and spend a few weeks with me and so I got to enjoy my family a bit. I have had so little time to go see my grandparents. I was so tired that the mere thought of leaving town and be on a bus for a few hours, spend a day and a half away from home, then come back on the same bus and this way waste a whole weekend – see…