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Days of our lives - Part I: Family

Hey there People of the Journal. No, I haven’t forgotten your name, in fact I kind of missed saying it.
It’s Tuesday and Tuesdays are the days in between where we’re not in the beginning nor in the middle and surely not at the end of the week. But we’re still keeping a positive eye on things right? What’s on the agenda today? A few observations over some worldly issues that I was reading about the other day. Religion, gender issues and family. As I said, worldly issues, haha. Not the most simple ones by far, but surely some of the hottest topics out there.
So, you’re probably wondering: do you really want to get into this? It’s like walking around with a sack of hay in one hand and a lit match in the other ready for arson. Oh well, what can I say? We all tackle these problems one way or another, so weather we do it in a group of 3 people or I write about it on a blog read by 20 people (hopefully!!! haha), it is all the same.
Now. Let’s start with my favorite subject: Family. The aspec…