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USA. Day 6 - The Wedding

So, this was actually my first day in New York. I woke up at about 7AM because well, I was on an adrenaline rush. Just like I’ve been the entire stay there. My roommate was still fast asleep so I made my way around things quietly to not bother her too much. Of course I forgot half of the stuff I needed for my makeup and I kept coming back in the room and that damn magnetic door would slam every time it had the chance to. So I always had to stick my foot in to prevent it from waking up the entire floor. Eventually I was done with that part of the day and ready to move out. My roommate woke up. I could only move that slowly. Haha
I put on my new pair of light blue high waist jeans I got from H&M in Boston and that I am so totally in love with haha, my new white sweater that I also got in Boston, I threw on my old multi colored scarf I got as a Xmas gift from Adinut and I was ready to hit the streets of New Work. Casual is always my thing. Makes me feel light and breezy. And sexy haha…

USA. Day 5 - Boston. Arriving to New York.

Leaving Houston was surely a bummer. If not for leaving Knight behind, but for the little time I had spent there. I had just gotten used to the whole thing all together. I wish things had been different, I wish I had been able to change my flights and extend my vacation so I enjoy the people and the places more. Unfortunately, half of the things that happened to me on this journey were a consequence of a weird yet fortunate planet alignment. Or perhaps the universe awoke from a slumberous period and decided to give me a kick thinking I’d trust my gut and go for whatever it laid ahead of me. And I did. The few friends that knew beforehand of my plans, either worried for me or called me crazy, but all, absolutely all of them cheered for me and appreciated my courage so to say, to go for it. But fighting for my dream with a good man to top it all off could only look like an incredible promise than a threat, so how could I possibly not go for it?

Anyway, I spent about an hour and a half …