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The Stigma

My dear People of the Journal,
Let’s do this. I know the topic is going to fire me up against my best intentions so expect the unexpected haha. Honestly, I did not come up with this, as my mind is pretty much made up when it comes to the notion of “divorced woman” but there is this special man in my life who sent me a link at some point. “Meya (he’s not misspelling it, he just calls me that haha), here is a good list of reasons to like divorced women.” This came consequently to my bitching of not finding someone who can keep up, whom I don’t scare away and doesn’t think I’m so friggin’ good and great and nice but they don’t stick around because they’re not good enough.  NOTE: between us, that’s bulshit! That excuse probably worked when I was 20, not when I’m 32! If I landed a man who was so marvelous and awesome, even if in reality I realized I was probably not as beautiful and top nudge to have him, I’d still wouldn’t sell myself short that way. If he’s there and wants me, well fuckin…

USA - Day 8 and 9. Old friends, New friends and El Gran Finale

Day 8. Time Square and beyond
Yeah. I’m kind of sad that I have to write this. It’s been a month since I came back so it feels like ending this adventure twice. A bit over a month actually but it still pains me to be back. Nevertheless memories have been made and they must be honored properly, so here it is, the last account of my two final days in New York. And I couldn’t be more grateful for them!
So on Sunday I went out for more shopping and exploring. Nothing interesting there. I was pretty much looking for stuff for Adinut in Sephora. But never managed to find what I wanted. I spent some time in the Columbus Circle Mall, so much that at some point I just had to get a Starbucks and sit down to rest for a while. So much walking, my feet just couldn’t take it anymore. Eventually after one last date with H&M I found my way around to the subway to go to Time Square. I loved every minute of my American experience, breathing in the people, the way they did things, even the way they tr…