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The Rise of an Angel

.There is no pain like this pain. No bone, no tooth, no injury of any sort has hurt, scarred or bled me dry like the loss of my loved one. .More than loved one. .A pillar to my home. .My wisdom. My protector. My story teller. .My grandfather.
We are a very small family. And by family I don’t mean “neam” (our keen – cousins, remote once or twice, step brothers and sisters etc). By family I understand mom and I, grandma and grandpa. This is my family. Four trees bending in the wind; two older, one younger and one still in her youth, still learning, still reaching for the skies. Thankfully, I have grown in their shade just when the sun burnt stronger, sheltered from the rain when the storm hit harder.
After my mom’s divorce I spent my early childhood with grandma and grandpa. They were working shifts. Grandma was working during the day at the city laundry where they took care of all the laundry coming in from the hotels, while grandpa worked night shifts as a security guard to a cement facto…