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The Proper Ways

Alright my darlings. It’s been a while. I actually did write half a story but sort of got stuck with it. You know how it goes; when it’s there, it’s there. When it’s not, well it obviously takes a while to finish. Writing doesn’t just happen, not even when it comes to a simple blog.
So while struggling to end the other story I ran into an episode of my life where I was faced with the utter question of Faith in God. Attention: in God, not religion or church. I know for a lot of people these may seem as one and the same, but for me they’re not. Not entirely. God. Religion. Church. They go that way in terms of importance when it comes to me. I got so fired up about this and so mad and feel so misunderstood that I just need to take it out somehow.
Nonetheless, it’s such a delicate subject and so tangled even in my own head that I don’t really know how to tackle or where to start with this issue. I am sure I have mentioned this before; I am not your usual Christian, or faithful person in ge…