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Personal Art

Hello Ladies!
Sorry darlings – a.k.a. my special gents out there – but this one is dedicated to your better halves, whether you have met them or not. I for one, would have never thought I’d come to write a blog about make up. Because it’s really not my thing. I mean I love make up. But explaining how and why and why not, it’s not in my blood. I’m more like a guide than a teacher. I can show you, I can explain but… yeah, I’d rather show you. I believe in self-learning because it’s the healthiest way to do things especially when it comes to make up and fashion and accessories because they must be customized to our personality, way of being and taste. I believe it’s wrong to take the beauty market out there and apply it “raw” to our everyday life. Because it might harm our image and self confidence instead of giving us the so-expected “transformation” that is advertised out there.
My mom for example, she hardly ever wore make up. I think she had the same eye liner since she was 20. Until I…