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The Next Level - Sugas Race

Actually this title is the polite version for A New Level of Holy Shit! Because that’s exactly what this was. I’ve seen my friend Bogdana and some others going to these mountain races and as I have always rather enjoyed the mountain, I figured I need to try it. They all seemed so happy in the pictures, and smiling with a great landscape in the background – I mean how hard can it be! Treacherous little bastards! They mislead me! Haha
So I decided to register to this race back in August before I got my infamous “entezita” – namely a deep muscle in my right ass chick decided to hurt like a mofo. And it so happens it’s a muscle I use for walking so I couldn’t really take a break from using it. The treatment I got initially for about two weeks did nothing. So I went to a trauma surgeon next and he prescribed further anti-inflamatory pills and this spray to “refrigerate” my ass so it numbs the pain. I spent two weeks and a half without training which was a killer. And I worried some more kno…