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My Deeds 2015. Part II.

Ok, let’s finish this once and for all haha. In my head it has been put behind me already but as my memory continues to whither with time (haha) putting things down to remember it’s smart. It helps the heart remember what it felt like when the brain thinks it’s better to hide it to help you heal. Some truths must remain with us to help as lessons for the future.
So last time, we were left down I believe haha. Time to go up again.
We’re still in August. Claire, Jim and Eileen’s older grandaughter Claire came along for a month or so and I went to pick her up from the airport. That was a fun day. I knew her since she was about a year old! It builds a bond you know. August was also Grasu’s bday! My baby boy turned seven! In case I have not said it before, I am blessed to have such a wonderful soul in my life and I am grateful for his unconditional love and I am sure I do him more wrong than he ever does me. But I love him with all my heart!
End of August also brought my, what was it, 18 y…

My Deeds 2015. Part I.

*** Part I ***
My dear People of the Journal, it’s been a while. But it’s been an overwhelming year in every way possible. I wanted to write this blog for the entire month of December and every time I’d start, I couldn’t finish the job. It felt there was more to it and that something else was about to happen and I had to wait for the entire year to pass before drawing the line. 
They say Saturn will be in my House of Whatever till 2017 and horoscope wise, it is said Saturn is a "mean" planet. When in fact it’s like a tough teacher to deal with. It forces you to be more mature, take things seriously, whether it is: life, career or relationships, it will make you clean your life of the things, people and drama that you’ve been carrying along for a while. Unfortunately, these lessons don’t come easy – otherwise what’s the fun in it right? Haha
But you know what? Forget horoscope. Let’s get down to facts. The year started off fine with the usual Burns Supper in January, organized …