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Valentine Day Memoirs

Haha! Ok. Sorry. This is funny to me before I even start writing it. BUT, let’s get down to business folks, because today is not just Valentine’s Day, it's also Friday which to a certain extent means more to me than if it were Easter, ‘cause that means, that after this long ass week, I get to go home, relax and enjoy the weekend.
So it’s Valentine’s Day. Who came up with this? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the moment you wake up in the morning you’ll know the world around you will be divided pretty much into three categories. Those who are in love/want to be in love/think they are in love/pretend to be in love and who celebrate February 14. Those who are single and think of today as of a chance to signal others they are available and so they go all pretty and trendy and fashionable / I would also include the single and “bitter” ones in this category. Who know they are single and resent it and look like they don’t care, when they do care and they are irritated by the “lov…