Sunday, October 26, 2014

USA. Day 5 - Boston. Arriving to New York.

Leaving Houston was surely a bummer. If not for leaving Knight behind, but for the little time I had spent there. I had just gotten used to the whole thing all together. I wish things had been different, I wish I had been able to change my flights and extend my vacation so I enjoy the people and the places more. Unfortunately, half of the things that happened to me on this journey were a consequence of a weird yet fortunate planet alignment. Or perhaps the universe awoke from a slumberous period and decided to give me a kick thinking I’d trust my gut and go for whatever it laid ahead of me. And I did. The few friends that knew beforehand of my plans, either worried for me or called me crazy, but all, absolutely all of them cheered for me and appreciated my courage so to say, to go for it. But fighting for my dream with a good man to top it all off could only look like an incredible promise than a threat, so how could I possibly not go for it?

Anyway, I spent about an hour and a half in the Houston airport, talking to my friends, sending my family updates of my whereabouts. Mom was confused pretty much at all times to where I was and what I was doing. Things were happening too fast and with the time difference in between she always needed to be reminded where I was at haha. I had a huge delicious salad after which I got on the plane and I can’t say I remember much from the trip. Just cold and darkness and me not being very happy to be on that plane.

Houston airport right after cheking in

My awesome salad before getting on the plane
My "sacred" cig package and my lucky charm :)

Landing in Boston changed things a bit. If you guys remember, last year I was admitted to Boston University at the College of Communication for a Screenwriting Master program, in a class of only 12 students. As initially I had planned to spend 4 days in Boston, I had contacted some of the remaining students there as well as Scott, the Dean of the program trying to set up meetings with them. Some of them were still around and those who had moved on meanwhile I have kept in touch with on FB. Unfortunately, as plans changed, now I only had about 6 hours to spend in Boston. So no time for meetings anymore. And Scott was not in the city exactly on the day I got there.

Actually, getting in touch with him after a year was pretty amazing, funny and rewarding at the same time. I wrote to him and felt the need to re-introduce myself. I mean, it has been a year without any contact and with thousands of students craving for his attention, I felt he wouldn’t and didn’t have to necessarily remember me. So when writing my email I reminded him who I was and how we got in touch in the first place. Then asked for a meeting. Would have loved to meet him in person. He was one of my main supporters during the entire admission process. The response came back a day after, in his usual fast manner that I’ve always appreciated. It read: “Melania, how could I forget. Of course I remember you!” And then he went on telling me when he’s available and actually gave me multiple choices but during days that didn’t fit my agenda. Initially, I was like damn, is that a good thing that he remembers me so vividly? Haha. I am sure it is. I was definitely a pain in the ass for everyone at the time and put up a stand for that admission to really happen. And I loved, admired and fully appreciated all the efforts they put in getting me there.

I know we’re deviating a bit off course, but I have to say this because it’s related to my Boston visit. As an international student admitted into the program, I did not have the chance to go for the official College tour. So Scott thought of introducing me to a few of the teachers so we have Skype “dates” where I “meet” them and discuss all sort of things just like any other student. Which was awesome! So I had a chat with Debbie and she was asking me about my other projects. I told her that I’m working on a screenplay called the Light of Boston and that the main male character had his office in the Hancock Tower. She stood up and took her laptop with her going to the window. She said: “Look!” She turned her laptop around and pointed the tower out into the distance. “That’s the Hancock Tower right there. When you come here I’ll take you up there!” I was so friggin’ enthusiastic, like a little girl on Christmas morning.

Now, that I finally had my chance to be in Boston, even if just for a few hours, I definitely planned on seeing that site with my own two eyes. But first let me get to Boston. After landing, I found my way outside the airport. I feel so at home wherever I go in this country, it’s easy for me to go around places, I don’t worry about things. So I was out of the airport, I found a cab and told the guy I need to get to Stuart Street 19, Theater District. He got me to the hostel where I was staying for the night. It’s almost midnight as I had landed at 11PM. I got inside and I already liked what I was seeing. A large lounge, with leather seats and people sitting around browsing the net. A subtle music in the air, comfy couches and small coffee tables. The people at the reception were very nice and welcoming and laid down all the necessary details for me. I was directed to my room on the second floor. The room was already full and everyone was in bed. I had one bed in a 5 women bedroom. I got the bed next to the window. I did my best not to wake up anyone. I went to take a shower and I was impressed with how clean and big the bathroom is. Shower worked perfectly, there were towels and no one could bust through the door as everything was secured with access cards.

I set my laptop and phones to charge and then got in bed for some sleep. I actually fell asleep right away as it was almost 1AM by the time I hit the sack. I woke up at about 7AM which has pretty much been the norm throughout the entire vacation in the States. No alarm needed. My mind just went hyper active I guess haha. Plus, I also kept in mind that I must be ready by the time Julia came to pick me up. My dear Julia is a work relationship, so to say. We started talking through work contracts a few years back and we had on and on planned to get together and somehow neither of us succeeded on making it happen. Now I could finally come here and there was no way I could possibly miss on seeing her. Our work relationship turned into a really beautiful friendship with Jim’s help who acted as an intermediary, always “preaching” for each other every time he had a chance.

So after waking up, I put my luggage together because I would be checking out before leaving with Julia and I started putting my make up on. There’s a black girl in the room and she didn’t know how to handle her wi fi. I helped her out and soon enough we’re into a conversations that ended with exchanging email addresses. She lives in NYC and she’s visiting Boston together with her Chinese apartment colleague. She spoke friggin’ Manadarine! I was impressed.

They left to visit the city and I was left behind to wait for Julia. She was on time. We had agreed to walk around the place because it’s the best way to get the feeling of the city than if we roamed around using her car. So she parked it close by and now we’re on foot, enjoying the great weather and beautiful old town scenery. I left my luggage at the hostel in a secured storage room and then off to our first stop, a coffee shop. I got a huge coffee and a croissant. We caught up a little bit on things, on how my trip has been so far, on how families are doing. Then on foot across town.

We just decided to walk down the streets. I didn’t have a special thing in mind. I just wanted to get the pulse of the city. See the Hancock Tower and Boston University. I loved the streets, the weather was perfect, a four season kind of city, just like what we have at home. It’s not too crowded and the architecture mingles the modern huge glass buildings with the richly decorated churches and hidden red brick houses that cost billions of dollars. It looks like for a real estate point of view, Boston is the most expensive city in America. Perhaps because it is the oldest and so many historically important events happened here. We ended up visiting a mall really quickly and as I was in Sephora I got some wi fi and Jim sent me a picture of him and Ian on the train on their way to NYC. Funny men! Haha I sent back a picture of us, the “girls” and he wished us a good happy time! We walked all the way to the BU campus. I was thrilled, excited and sad at the same time. My eyes avidly looked at the every detail. Even the most insignificant. The many Colleges, Science, Engineering, Journalism, Communication, Sports. Somehow I repressed a feeling of hurt as I took a picture with my College of Communication sign. If things had come out right I would have been there for a year already and on my way to a second year as a student there. But things were different and that’s ok. I’m finding another path now. There is always an open window that I haven’t checked and that could lead me inside, right?

The Hancock Tower

And a happy Mela haha

In front of the College of Communication at BU

We then slid down smaller streets, filled with restaurants and little (expensive!) shops. We stopped at a Mac shop and because I am in love with make up, I could not refrain from buying a mascara. Yum! Haha. Julia was an angel. She came along wherever I wanted to go and basically wanted to cover for all my expenses. Arguing with her over things was a tough thing to go through haha. Eventually, we walked around so much and had so much fun talking and shopping and discussing life and politics and relationships and Boston and whatnot that we didn’t even realize how late it was. And we didn’t even have lunch. Eventually we returned to the same coffee shop as before and got a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and a bag of chips. Then I grabbed my luggage, hugged Julia one more time and then hopped into a taxi to take me to the South Station. It was too sudden, just like saying good bye to my Knight in Houston. I needed more time! I’m thinking back at the little gift I brought her. The envelope tore at one of the ends in my luggage. But I hope she liked it.

Back at the train station I just checked whether the electronic ticket I had bought a week before was alright and I was given green light by the conductor to go to track 6. My passport and ticket were checked again before getting on and then I took a seat, placed my luggage, took my laptop and phones out and got ready for a 4 hours journey with the train from Boston to NYC. I actually had the time to get two bananas and a bowl of freshly sliced fruit as well as a bottle of water so I have something to nibble on the way. I did not sleep at all. There was wi fi that went on and off throughout the entire trip. The sunset was gorgeous! But I couldn’t take a picture because I was not sitting at the window.

I let Jim know I was on my way. They’re expecting me for drinks at their hotel when I got there. The train arrived at Penn Station on time. Of course. New York seen from afar was breath taking. But nothing compares to what I faced when I stepped out of Penn Station at Madison Square. The train station looked more like an airport. It’s so big and filled with people, waiting, coming, leaving, eating, buying flowers, welcoming other people. A very diverse and colorful crowd. I saw some young people costumed for Halloween and I was wondering how close we are to that celebration if people already started putting up weird masks and make up.

As I stepped outside, my head fell back and my neck stretched to the maximum as I tried to fill in my eyes with the immensity of the landscape. Literally, coming out from the underground train station and running into the sheer height of those buildings, that are not the tallest to begin with, was dumb founding. I knew before arriving here that NYC would be fascinating, but not my kind of town. And it is fascinating. Beyond fascinating. It is fabulous, opulent, breath taking, extravagant and glamorous. Still, I am sure that once I’d be over that, I would not want to live here. Streets, in some areas, are a conglomerate of people where walking is difficult. Walking fast or hurrying anywhere is a joke. You can’t tell who is a tourist and who is a local. But regardless, the first impression was a huge capital letters WOW. I turned into a tourist almost immediately. I had my luggage with me and there’s too much trouble to take the camera out but I used my phone to capture the first images of the city as I stepped in the swirl of this black whole filled with lights. Here you don’t just grab the first taxi available to you. There’s a queue. You stay in the queue and a guy whom you can almost mistake for a policeman, flags the infamous yellow cabs for you and you get on them as they come and when your turn comes. This is not some random thing. It doesn’t matter how big or small the taxi is or how many people are waiting. They will take you, even if you’re one passenger and the cab is a mini van. Just like in Houston. Unlike Houston though, these cabs are all equipped with bullet proof windows between the back seat passengers and the driver. They all have small TV screens in the back for you to spend your time with some entertainment while waiting to get to your destination. The money is past through a small opening in the window and you communicate with the driver through the radio. Some of them even had a POS hanging in the back if you wanted to pay by card. The drivers are silent and don’t really engage in conversations. I am not sure all of them actually speak proper English or English at all. It was fascinating to me. Before I learnt how the city is divided and that it functions on a geographical grid I was afraid my hotel address sounded funny and quite simple. I worried I maybe got something wrong haha. But he got me there in no time.

He dropped me at the hostel and I got inside. It looked a bit shabby at a first glance but then again hostels usually have this kind of image. I was supposed to stay with just one other girl in a room which was really a good deal for a hostel. Shared bathroom. I paid and then went upstairs. The image as I went up the stairs was getting worse and when I entered the room I was astonished and pissed. Like in depressed pissed and outraged. The room looked nothing like what they had showed on the website. The window led into the wall of the neighboring building so the drape was pulled in at all times. No natural light, just the artificial light coming from a dying bulb. A bunk bed, a table and two chairs, one small lamp on the table. Black wooden floor broken and scratched in a corner. A door that didn’t unlock and another that led into a closet that held two blankets and two coat hangers. Two lockers without lock.  A bunk bed out of which the lower bed is taken. Clothes are scattered everywhere and from the size of them, I have to admit I was wondering whether I got the room wrong and I got paired up with a guy, ‘cause they were pretty big size. I dropped the luggage in the middle of the room and gently and quiet fearfully inspected the clothes laying at the foot of the bed, looking for a bra or some sort of panties that could put me at ease that I’m actually sharing the room with a girl. Nothing. Damn it. Up on the ceiling the wall was torn with a newly installed pipe. The room was a mess. I was so fucking pissed beyond your understanding. But I had no time to complain or to change as it was late and I needed to go meet the gang. Plus I surely couldn’t afford anything else on such a short notice. But I couldn’t stop from being incredibly mad at this. I rushed outside to look for a store where I could get a lock to lock the locker (haha) and put my backpack in there, that held all my essentials. I found a Delli still opened at the corner of the street. I paid 3 bucks for a lock and ran back to the hostel. I refrained from bitching at the girl downstairs. She was actually very nice and I am sure she doesn’t own the place. But if I could just get my hands on the people who do! Obviously the place was packed with customers and they make good money with this business. I couldn’t possible ask for too much to repair the floor and ceiling. But this story goes for later.

I locked my backpack away, I inspected the bathroom really fast as refreshed my make up. Didn’t look awfully bad but not the best either. I changed clothes and rushed out in search of the sub stop to get me to the Lexington. Jim called me to see if I made it. I told him I was on my way and he literally bitched at me for trying to take the sub at almost 9:30PM. He rushed me to take the cab again which I did. I started liking this feeling of flagging down cabs. They literally pick you up from anywhere, even the middle of the street. I’m into that!

The cab got me to the Lexington. I was mad the whole way. I had such a great time in Houston, in Boston, such a swell experience all together and now this!!! As I stepped out of the cab in front of the Lexington hotel I tried to calm down. Everyone was at the bar, laughing and drinking. I dropped my jacket on the back seat of an armchair and launched for Ian. He gave me a bear hug! Haven’t seen him since he left for college which is like 3 or 4 years ago. God, I have worked with Jim for too long now, I can’t even remember things properly anymore haha. We chatted for like 15 minutes before I could even make my way around to say hi to everyone. Jan, Steven and Valeria’s son spotted me as well and we continued the chat in three this time and I was thinking, God, I need to say hi to everyone! Jim saw me eventually. He’s taking pictures haha. That’s new! So he took pictures of me and the boys then we shared a bear hug as well. I moved on to Eileen and crawled my way up a sofa to give a big kiss to Valeria and salute Steven as well. Then Bryan and Mimi. As I was into all this greeting I suddenly got a harsh slap right on my ass and I startled turning around to face Caitlin literally jumping me with an effervescent hug! I went “girl, that friggin’ hurts” She hugged me again saying “Yeah, but that ass asked for it!” haha “Well now half of my ass is gonna hurt. At least slap the other cheek too so we have it even.” And the crazy woman did it! We got some general laughing out of this little adventure. She grabbed me and ordered some alcohol for both of us then sat us down so we catch up, not before introducing me to Josh, her husband. I’ve known him forever from pictures and now we could finally be introduced in person. Eventually, I managed to go through all the guests. Met Jim’s best friend since high school, Eileen’s brothers and sisters and nieces. Actually, this was the part of the family I knew least of so this was my big chance to meet everyone. About 3 hours later it’s time to say good bye. I was thinking I had to go back to that stinking whole, but somehow having such a great time with everyone made it better. Also, I was starving as I had nothing to eat other than the sandwich in Boston and the fruit on the train. Jim offered to pay the cab in his usual funny manner. His friend Tom was literally amazed how I could “put up” with Jim for seven years. Pretty much everyone in the family was. Haha. It’s amazing and overwhelming for me to be part of this family image.

I come from a very small family and suddenly I became part of a numerous gang so to say haha. Where I was considered the unofficial 4th kid and I got many cousins and aunts and uncles. And I was literally impressed how everyone knew who I was, from Jim’s mom and best friend to James’ bride to be Nadia and everyone wanted to meet the “infamous” Mela haha. It was truly hilarious to me and I cannot even describe in words just how incredible and unbelievable this situation was for me. I mean Jim and Eileen have always made me feel like part of the family. Perhaps because I too have found an alternate mother in her and a missing father figure in him, but this was more than expected. They’re all so nice and I made so many friends in one night it’s hard to keep up with the business cards and FB friends requests haha.

Life didn’t seem so grim when I got back to the awful hostel from hell. As I arrived though, I found my roommate there. She was from Sweden. And yes it was a she. A larger she, as I initially thought, but a very nice, charming and outgoing girl. She was actually going to Boston after NY and I suggested she stays at the hostel I stayed. She was grateful for the tip ‘cause she had found something much further away. By the time we’re done talking it was 1AM. I was hungry as in hungry to kill for! I asked her if she felt like going out to find something to eat. She agreed and as we roamed the streets in search for food (haha! Sounds like a savannah thing!) we ran into a 27/7 dinner. We both ordered salads and they brought us this huge thing, really tasty and I ate everything to the last leaf and ounce of sauce haha. We walked back and as we came closer to the hostel she advised which showers were better to use because one of them was actually broken. Great! Not.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth and then got to bed. I actually fell asleep pretty fast. I set my mind on the fact that I was only there to sleep while the rest of the time I woukd be out enjoying this city. And that’s exactly how it happened. I stroke gold with this roommate because she made things so much more fun. I now felt safe and had a great companion to discuss things with. Plus she had been there for a week so she could give me all these useful tips on how to get around the city and how long it takes to visit places.  But visiting would have to wait because the following day I had the wedding to attend to.

But that my friends, is a story for another day!

Wish you a great Monday. This is my first day back to work and I’m caught between enjoying my workmates and the load of papers piled on my desk and endless list of emails that’s blocked my email. Yeah. You know how it goes!

So kisses and see you next time!

Yours truly,


Sunday, October 19, 2014

USA. Day 2.3 and 4. Houston

Day 2.                            

I guess I’m faster than God when it comes to creating my own world because I’ve done so little yet so incredibly much in 3 days.

As some of you have probably experienced personally, long flights usually cause you to jet lag. I make no exception. Plus, I was so tired that it added to the already malfunctioning system. When I got to the hotel I literally collapsed. I believe I was a bit incoherent talking to my Knight but that’s ok, he got it. He was tired too, so an hour or so later we were both fast asleep. Cuddling works wonders with me haha.

I woke up at about 5AM. Jim was also up from the exact same reason. So we texted back and forth, trying to get some things done. At some point I had lost track of the Romanian time, thankfully my laptop kept the Bucharest time so I knew that my ladies back in the office were still there to help me with my many inquiries. It’s weird sitting alone in the dark but I feared that I’d wake my sleeping beauty (hehe) with my twisting and tossing. So now I took the couch, put both phones on silent and went to work. Soon enough I had covered all emails, all texts, Facebook and my blog. At some point I heard movement from the other side of the room and I could tell he’s looking for me. I felt guilty. I was about to close down my improvised work desk when I saw him standing half asleep in front of me. Somehow he had found his answer: I was there. Not in bed. He went back. I closed the laptop and followed him. He was waiting. I fell asleep again for another 2 hours.

There's nothing I appreciate more than the simple gestures. Even when half asleep :)

I woke up completely excited (unrelated to the picture above hahaha). My first appointment was at 11:45AM. I slid out of the covers again like a little thief to put on make-up and whatnot. By the time Knight was up I was ready. His first thought was to feed me. He has a big issue with me not eating enough meat. It’s like an ongoing debate. “You’re working out too much and all you eat is salad.” And fish. And yogurt. And oat meal. And egg white omelets. And soup. And meat, like twice a week, it’s true, but still. No. Not enough. “On the long run you’ll destroy your muscle because you’re not getting enough protein”. He’s one stubborn ass when it comes to making a point. There’s no arguing with him. But I didn’t feel like eating anything because I was too focused on what was coming. I got my office suit on, the high heels too, that I had hoped to leave behind during vacations but alas. Not this time. I love this pencil skirt I got, but I can barely walk in it damn it haha. We left to make sure we found the place on time. He did and rather quickly so we were left about 40 minutes to kill so, of course, he got me to a restaurant to eat. I ate half the stuff in my plate. It was already so hot outside and I was sweating in my black/gray outfit. And very humid and cloudy. Rain was coming. He dropped me in front of the office building and wished me good luck with a quick wink.

While I was inside it started pouring. Like a heavy rain, a summer Houston storm but I could not afford to enjoy it as I was half way through my meeting. It’s going better than expected. I was doing my best to maintain my composure. I was there to see a long shot in hell happen, but still, I was surely giving it my best anyway. An hour and 20 minutes later the guy hit me with his decision and he numbed my brain. At the time I reacted extremely natural as if I was expecting it to happen, like I knew all along he’d be on the same page with me. I got up, shook hands, exchanged business cards, arranging that we discuss at our earliest convenience to start settling the logistic details. Even right now when I listen to him speak in my mind I still find it strange and surreal.

I left the building, totally baffled as if I was living an outer body experience. I called mom and gave her the news. I called Adinut and gave her the news. She screamed in the phone. Then I realized I was standing in the rain in front of the building. I couldn’t think what I had to do next. I figured my man had gone away and I’d have to wait for him to return considering I’ve been in there for much longer than I initially thought. I called him. “Stay right there. I’m coming.” And he came 2 minutes later. I got in. “I did it” I said, calmly with just a faint nuance of excitement in my voice. He looked at me and said “Really?” But a “really” just as plane as my announcement, as if it was no wonder for him that I’d make it. “Yeah.” “Great.” I smiled. He knows how to keep me calm. “How did you make it back so fast?” I asked. “I slept in the parking lot. Not the best nap I got. The wind kept rocking the car.” I couldn’t believe it. 

We returned to the hotel as the rain grew thicker over the city. We planned on waiting for the rain to pass to go out. We fell asleep and woke up four hours later haha. The clock seemed to be in complete disagreement with our plans. It took us a little to figure out exactly what happened but we had both earned that nap so we’re not frustrated with the time loss. The rain had stopped so we went out to the restaurant for dinner. He convinced me to eat meat haha. Rib eye steak with spinach salad and sweet potato fries. I finished the entire plate. Must’ve made him feel proud. I froze to death in the restaurant because of the air conditioning. I forgot it’s always cold inside with these people so you come from like 28 degrees outside to 10 inside. It’s horrible! We left soon after and drove around for a bit chatting. It was already late. End of Day 2.

Day 3.

Because I slept too much in the afternoon, I woke up again like 4AM in the morning. Same drill. I work. Blog. Email. Updates with friends. An hour or so later I finally felt sleepy so I snuggled back and slept until 8AM. Knight wasn’t feeling too good with a headache hammering his temples. We stopped by Starbucks and grabbed some coffee and croissants. Then into a drive through for him to get something to eat. I managed to convince to take some medication. This is actually his first vacation in forever. He works too much, trains too much and doesn’t sleep enough. Not even close to what he should be sleeping so I’m really happy he’s finally catching up on all that spent energy. That’s part of the reason I kept leaving his side so I don’t wake him up. Following the medication the headache goes down for a bit and we went shopping at Marshall’s. I actually find a few cute things and most importantly I found the gifts I want to bring to mom and my friends. We returned to the hotel and spent the afternoon watching stand-up comedy for a few hours. I haven’t laughed this hard in so long. Meanwhile I got word that my second appointment got postponed due to some logistic details in the company and that unfortunately it couldn’t be reset for the time I was in Houston. But that we could have a Skype meeting as soon as the problem was fixed. I was relieved that’s not all gone! Meanwhile my third appointment confirms availability for Wednesday morning.

That guy at Starbucks "ate" a  letter from both our names. Pretty funny. At least Knight didn't feel left out anymore haha
In the evening we were running late with leaving for dinner. Restaurants usually close at about 10PM. He wanted to take me to a Mexican restaurant and feed me tacos haha. I am sure they have meat in them. We arrived there just when they were closing. The waiter apologized profusely and walked us out insisting that we come the evening after. Knight said that unfortunately I wouldn’t be around anymore the following evening. As we left the restaurant the guy caught up with us and said “I know you from somewhere, don’t I?” My man smiled politely, like he always does and nodded, “yeah, probably.” The guy remembered where he had seen him before and shook hands with him to wish him good luck. He told him they’re basically neighbors as he lived close to his apartment. Knight smiled while slowly guiding me towards the car. He is not necessarily fond of situations like these. He said jokingly “we’re surely not coming here again!” I laughed. This is what I liked about him all along. He’s such a decent guy! We drove to the same restaurant like the day before only this time he let me chose what I want to eat but he insisted on making me have some Marguerita. He had stake, of course, and I had chicken breast with shrimp and mashed potatoes. He’s unhappy with the drink they brought because they had put lemon juice in it and it’s not as strong as it should’ve been. So he ordered another after detailing to the waitress what he wanted in it. The second one, as expected, was much stronger and it knocked my senses out. He is always amused with my lack of resistance to alcohol. That and with how skinny my wrists are, how pointy my nose is. And how I never really eat meat. Of course. He spends his time measuring my back or legs with his palms for fun so that when someone asks him about me he can describe me in inches. He is a silly man sometimes! He’s developed a sign language to describe my body following his measurements. He’s so funny when he does it so I let him misbehave like that.

I was so full with what that dinner that I convinced him to go for a walk in the park. Houston in itself is not a walk in the park. Without a car you’re dead in this town. So we sped down the highways and into the city. Houston at night is gorgeous. I tried to take a quick picture but nothing compares to the real thing. He pulled the car on the side of the road and we just started walking along the alleys in the park. No one there and such a perfect night. Silent with warm pleasant weather. We talked sports and his matches and strategies to help along with his plans for the future. We made plans on how we need to break the record together and run 3 miles in 20 minutes. Right now he’s doing much better than me. He’s almost down to 23 minutes. In my best of days I almost run them in 24 almost 25 minutes. He’s got knee problems, I have ankle issues. Both on the right leg. Made for each other I say haha. We got back to the car. His migraine was back and we stopped for more medication, this time something a bit stronger. Took some water and a pack of cigarettes. Somehow we felt the need to go back to collage times and be young and restless again. Well, I felt the need to be younger; he’s already there hahaha. Right. We went back to the hotel and sat by the pool discussing for another 4 hours, anything and everything, drinking water, smoking with my legs tucked under his t-shirt to keep them from getting cold. Full moon, I told him, it’s perhaps the reason why we’re so restless. Eventually we went back in the hotel just to burst into laughter seeing that’s almost 4AM. Time to go to bed. Today is my last day in Houston. And my last day with him. End of Day 3.

Day 4.

I woke up at 6AM. I was restless. We had to check out at noon and I still had to pack, wash my hair, do my nails and had the third appointment. I wouldn’t have the time for all this once I got in motion towards Boston. He’s asleep, but feeling much better than the day before. I am sad. And I am happy. Somewhere, in the deep corners of my mind I am panicking. If things work out like  they appear to be, my life could be very different soon. That’s happy. But leaving today only after three days, that’s sad. I had just got used to him, all pieces have finally come into place, gluing together nicely, unexpectedly well. And now I have to break them apart again. But only the physical parts. The image we’ve created stays together, that’s for sure. I am too metaphoric at this point haha. I am on the flight to Boston on my way to the second part of my trip here. It’s late, I’m cold and sleepless. And nostalgic.

He woke up. My third appointment happened through the phone eventually. It’s pretty helpful. Then I finished packing and we checked out putting my luggage in the trunk of his car. We have a few more hours until I need to be in the airport. We drive to Denny’s to have breakfast. I have blueberry pancakes, fresh strawberries on top with whip cream, omelet, two slices of crispy bacon and some form of minced potatoes, fried a bit. No, I did not know that plate was gonna be so damn huge people! But it was soooooo good I ate it all. Another impressive moment for my Knight who cheered right after messing with me over my diet. We discuss different plans as to what he can do to help me if things go one way or another with my plans. I’m so lucky to have him here, he knows things that would take me so much to learn. We left for Starbucks and soon we drove in at the cinema, but there was nothing interesting on. We had planned on seeing Dracula untold only that it comes out on the 10th. Eventually we decided to go to Macy’s for more shopping. I found a nice blouse and then we moved out. In the parking lot an employee came to him, excited to recognize him as well. Knight went in cautious mood again, nodding, slowly following me to the car. But the man insisted to take a picture. I had my hands full with the coffee and the bags, so he had no other choice but to take the picture. In my head I grin because he deserves all this fame and he should welcome it a bit more openly, which he does to a certain extent but he just likes his privacy so he’d trade moments like this for an incognito shopping moment immediately. By this time it was really hot outside. God I could’ve gotten a tan in a blink of an eye haha.

We had nothing else to do. But the beauty of us is that we don’t need something to do. We need each other and then we always end up doing something haha if that even makes sense. We park in a more deserted parking lot and hide in the shade of a store for one last cigarette. He finds a small glass ball that I also used to have when I was a kid. Him too, so he’s fascinated with it as he hasn’t seen one in a long time. He gives it to me. I felt like I was back in high school sharing little nothings with an important meaning and shy smiles with a boy I like at the corner of the building, away from the noisy class and noisy friends. We finished our cigarettes and in fact it was time to go to the airport. As we drive I am still amazed at his phone which is completely broken. The glass, back and front is smashed like you wouldn’t believe it and he can still see through it. Amazing. He’s the most talented man at breaking IPhones like this and I’ve seen other candidates, but none so skilful! Hahaha

I think for some men, cell phones should just be made like this so they don't bother breaking them in the first place haha
We arrived at the airport much faster than predicted. He couldn’t come in with me as there is a drive through  parking place and he couldn’t leave his car there. It took me by surprise. I wasn’t ready to just say good bye. Good byes always take forever with me. But then again we have to be different in some ways haha. He brought my luggage, cracked few of my ribs with one of his bear hugs and with a quick shower of kisses randomly spread across my face he rushed me to the gate. “Call me when you’re in! Safe flight!” He went around the car and as he got in, he looked at me again “Call me!” Somehow that was my signal to go. So I simply turned around and left. Inside I opened my luggage and switched from my shorts to my long pants as Boston was going to be much cooler at night. I checked in my luggage, I went through customs and I was safely inside. I texted him that all was good. He answered “I wish we had more time but traffic is a mess.” I smile. He knew I wanted my fair share of kisses. Instead he made it sound like our next meeting is right around the corner and this was just a short detour. Soon there would be more kissing. He’s off to training. I spent my next hour and a half downloading the pictures I took and discussing with friends on FB. Eventually, an hour before boarding, I went hungry so I ate, incredibly so, a salad! Hahaha with a bit of chicken breast on top. I took a picture and sent it to him so he can monitor my diet haha. But it was too late to wait for an answer. Time to board.

Now I am here. Another hour before I land in Boston, at 11PM. Then a taxi to the hotel. Shower. Sleep. 9:30AM tomorrow morning I start my day again with Julia, friend and work partner. Our very first encounter. Overly excited!!! She’s going to be my guide in Boston for the few hours I have here. Then in the afternoon off to the train and then New York, New York, I’m coming today…… haha.

The End.

Sad face. Happy face. And then a crooked smile.

Va pup,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

USA. Day 1. The beginning of all things.

Day 1.

Yeah. This sounds a bit like when God made the world in 7 days, ‘cause that’s how it looks pretty much. I’m building a new world in my life through this trip. Hopefully.

Keeping it simple. I did not sleep at all. I was too afraid I wouldn’t wake up. I have been waiting for this trip to happen in forever. My first trip ever, alone, overseas. And not just overseas. But to the country where my soul belongs. I’ve planned every little detail and still some things changed the day before I left because I have planned so many things on such a short time that it was impossible for some of them not to shift as I went along with the planning. But that’s alright. I’m handling some business and pleasure (haha) in Houston (at this point this is my most important part of the trip), then meet Julia and hopefully some people from the Boston University on the 9th, then James and Nadia’s wedding on the 10th. More friends afterwards while I’m New York.

So about three days ago my Knight, who happens to be on a continuous quest at all times, almost changed half of my plan for Houston. Yes, I’m gonna call him Knight, because that’s what I call him anyway and I like it haha. His my “mystery” man whom I’ve shared with just a few people and will leave it to that for now, because I’m enjoying him too much and sometimes some things are better left in private so I can savor them properly. You know, it’s like when you eat in silence and focus on the food alone, instead of watching TV and getting distracted with whatever it’s on instead of what’s in your plate. So my plate is pretty full right and I’m going through the menu to discover everything and I’m taking my time with it ‘cause this might actually prove to be one quality meal. Would be a waste not to enjoy it completely haha. Plus obviously, I am breaking my own rules of privacy, because I couldn’t possibly write this blog without mentioning him at all as he’s with me for the entire stay here in Houston. But we’ll try to keep it low haha

Note: I guess I can tell you the story behind the Knight so it’s not totally weird haha I mean you probably wonder why I’m no calling him babe, or handsome (I do haha!) or simply by his name, which rarely ever happens. So we were chatting one day and his battery died and he went MIA for a few hours. I write “Where has my knight in shining armor gone?” Several hours later when he charges his phone he goes “I’m right here my Queen” So we’re left to that. Knight and Queen. Don’t try to understand it. We match in this weirdness of ours and trying to put your finger on it and find the logic behind it would be useless haha. But at least now you know.

So anyway, three days ago Knight says, something came up and I have to go to Dallas at once to deal with some urgent matters and I cannot delay it. I probably won’t make it back on time to pick you up from the airport. No biggy I say. I am a big girl and can manage things on my own. Plus the hotel where we are staying is not very far away. Yesterday he comes up with a different plan. He wants to take me with him to Dallas for a day after I’m done with my appointments on Monday. So it’s an 8 hour drive back and forth between Houston and Dallas, but who cares. He’s the kind of guy that I can go on adventures with. I’m thinking I’ll change my fancy office clothes for a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in the back seat of the car as he is driving. Give him the chance to indulge his eyes in one of those Hollywood kind of scenes where the driver stares in the mirror at the girl in her bra changing clothes in the back haha. And we would have been back on time to continue my other appointments. So it didn’t sound all that bad of a plan.

He had a day to basically put everything together. Eventually he reached the conclusion that this would be too much for me after having just flown in for like 16 hours the day before (which is today haha – confusing isn’t it?) and so he decided he’d go to Dallas alone as initially planned and I’d find my way around to the hotel by myself. But, I don’t call him my Knight for nothing because he holds true to his name. He changed the hotel reservation all together, canceled the one I had made which was a bit more further away and he got a more expensive one that’s closer to the airport just to make sure I’d make it there in 5 minutes safe and sound, especially that I landed rather late in the evening.
So we spent the rest of the day putting together the last details. Houston is hot, 31 degrees while I’m there, while Boston and New York merely reach 22 with some rain drops here and there. So I had to put in clothes for summer, fall, a wedding outfit and an outfit for my meetings. That’s a lot of crap to fit together and a lot of things to carry around in three different cities, not very close to each other. But I managed to fit everything together in a staggering 18kg bag plus a carry on I got from Jim (thank you so much! Such a life savior that one!!!) weighing about 8kg, holding mostly papers, the camera, the laptop, my trinkets and lipstick haha. The flight from Bucharest to Boston appeared to be uneventful even from the beginning as I did the check in one minute and all was good. The flight from Boston to Houston gave me a headache and I couldn’t figure out why. First I had to wait till like 2AM Bucharest time so it would be 24 hours prior to take off Boston time. And then when I did the ticket I did the Romanian version of the name and put my first name instead of the last name and vice versa so hopefully that won’t be a problem!!! I eventually called those people and did the check in, now fingers crossed that they realize this is me even though my name is in its European version. Sad face.

But basically I’m done. Both myself and my sleepless Knight are excited with the preparations and ready for this thing to happen. We are both looking at a long day ahead of us. He’s going to work first then off to Dallas while I’m gonna be on flights all day. As you’re guessing I’m on a plane right now writing this. I did the first part Bucharest – Paris and now I’m on the long ass 8 hours flight from Paris to Boston. My tail bone right down my spine is yelling and bitching at me with having sat down for so long. Another 2 hours and 12 minutes. At least that’s what this monitor on the seat in front of me says.

But let’s start with this morning. As I said I did not sleep at all last night because I was too afraid I wouldn’t wake up. Plus this past week has been atomic, so friggin’ busy, handling work and assisting Jim and Eileen with their last minute preparations for the wedding, guests and whatnot that I basically managed to take care of planning my own trip during the very last two days. I am so so so unimaginably lucky to have good friends. I got the suitcase from Adinut, the carry on from Jim, the girls backed me up at work while I went to look for things because I didn’t have any time left. I got calls from everyone, including at 4AM this morning when I was checking in at the airport, wishing me a safe flight. A simple call changes everything.
Mela and her tea at 6AM in Bucharest still.
Entering the airport went pretty smoothly because I had the boarding pass printed and all. Jim and Eileen were flying out with me, only that they were going Lufthansa to Philly and I am going KLM to Boston and they were scheduled to take off an hour ahead of me. But because I’m a slick little lady I managed to catch up with them half an hour before they boarded so we had a little family reunion in the business lounge at like 5:30AM. They took off from gate 7. I had an hour and a half left to wait at gate 9. Eventually we boarded, no delays. Pretty smooth stuff. I got a very French breakfast and slept some. Hell, I think I fell asleep before we took off. I remember the plane “driving” through the many runways until it halted to stop preparing to take off. I remember doing the sign of the cross mumbling something incoherent for God to remind Him he needs to watch for my ass ‘cause He knows just how important this trip is for me and then blacked out before the plane actually ran its engines. I woke up about an hour later, wrote a bit, ate, slept some more.

View towards Paris

Loved that winged horse on the plane. Reminded me of Geek mythology somehow haha
I landed in Paris and immediately contacted Jim to see if they had made it to Frankfurt. They had been there for two hours. Plenty of time between the connections. Found my terminal E gate M27 for my Boston connection, took the train there and before I knew it I was to the second plane. I was so excited with things and trying to call mom and send one last message to my Knight on the other side that I used the wi fi from the airport off the laptop and checked in immediately. Without buying anything to eat. I did not even have a coffee, just some tea in Bucharest. My tummy, even though I have finished my treatment, is still sensitive so I avoided having coffee on a basically empty stomach. Even though God knows I need it! I should get one now. Lemme see, where is that button that calls for the flight attendant? I always wanted to do that anyway! Haha I’ve eaten a good healthy lunch now so I could risk that coffee. Plus I have another 4 hours on the third plane and about 3 hours to spend in Boston airport. Yeah. It’s like I’m flying to goddamn India!!!!
Paris airport bathroom. Best place to take a successful picture haha
2 hours and 1 minute. What do you do when you can’t get off this means of transportation? Is not like when you’re on a train or a bus and you get tired and just decide to get off and explore, or even move outside the compartment and chat, smoke a cigarette. Anything. You can’t do shit. 8 hours of sitting in a chair, walking to the bathroom and back and feeling like an idiot for making the other two passengers in the seats next to you get up every time you want to stretch your bones. I took the window seat on both flights so far. Anyway, it’s so hot outside the window panel is hot when I touch it. Can’t even look outside the window because it’s too bright. I pushed the buuuttttoooonnn!!! For that coffee. See what happens. I almost feel bad I’m bothering those nice ladies when they probably took a break from the 400 people they have to look after. But yeah. I’m one of them. Better than me trying to crawl my way out of the seat again. The lady next to me is really nice but keeps to herself. Her husband and daughter are seated in the row in front of us. An Indian young man from the looks of it sits at the isle. Very nice guy. Helped me with my luggage and we had small conversation here and there when I avoided stepping on his foot a couple of times.

Actually these two are much much better than what I had for the first flight. There was this guy next to me, he was surely Romanian. But maybe of a different religion. Or he has spent too much time abroad in a different culture, I don’t know but he was weird. Oh wait, wait! She just came in to ask me what I need! Mwwuahaha! Coffee with milk please! Yum yum! Ok, back to the first flight. So they brought us the food and he kept his and just stared at it, literally with his fingers crossed underneath the little table and I was wondering whether he was praying. Maybe he was Catholic. Some of them pray before meals, which I always do with my Catholic friends when we dine together. But it took him forever and we didn’t have Thanksgiving Turkey in that plate to require such a long mass! Anyway. He ate slowly and completely silent. The lady next to him, an older French woman was a 100% French and old; but not the usual, cute, sweet, pinkish cheeks old French lady with a benevolent smile on her face, looking all stylish. Like the one I’ve seen on the Leonardo Express in Rome when we were going to the airport. No, this was one of those ladies who kept her sunglasses on her forehead, ate as if she was lunching at the Ritz yet slept in a very common way with human snores and bouche ouverte. Yeah. No one sleeps stylishly haha.

The surprise with this flight I’m on now was that I expected a larger plane, the double deck ones, or the Boeings with a “hump”. This one is big, no doubt about it, but no double deck, therefore seems smaller to me. But still plenty of space to stretch my legs underneath the seat in front of me. The blanket, the eye cover, the ear plugs and the pillow were all there. As I said they served a really good meal. Oops, plane is bumping into some stronger winds out there and I’m going a bit unsteady. There are times like this when you don’t want to remember you’re on a plane haha. Anyway, I watched Toy Story 3 (again!), Planes 2 and I tried another movie actually, but I was soo sleepy that I didn’t understand anything. Thank God I managed to sleep. All in all I think I did a pretty good 4 or 5 hours sleep on these two flights which is great because I don’t want to be a total zombie when I get to Houston. I already took the shape of a chair, I should at least look and speak coherently haha.

All I have to worry about is getting through the customs in the States and wait for my luggage. Please please have my luggage there KLM, I don’t want any problems with that. Haven’t seen my luggage since checking in this morning at 5AM in Bucharest. So they’re supposed to have moved it from one plane to another and I should retrieve it in Boston. Ah, the coffee is here. These ladies are awesome. She goes, is this enough sugar for you, if not I’ll bring you some more? I’m like let me taste it: It’s perfect. I burned my damn tongue ‘cause it was hot, but I smiled haha. Then I asked her, have you brought those forms to fill in for the customs? (non American and Canadian passport holders need to fill in some forms for the customs when landing in US). She looks at me, pausing, and says. Aren’t you an American citizen? (I desperately cry and yell for a second in my head!) NO NO I am not! But I keep smiling. She brings me the form. One day, I shall not need a damn form anymore! A little girls’ dream you know. Damn turbulences, messing with my coffee.

I was windering whether that little whole in the fuselage was supposed to be there. haha

Well, it looks like I’m up to date so far. I took some pictures that I’m gonna add to this when I get to the hotel. Meanwhile I’m gonna borrow a pen from my neighboring lady and fill in this form. Shit. I need my passport. Passport is in the carry on. Carry on is up with the luggage. Indian guy is not gonna love getting off his chair again. An hour and 39 minutes left! I should do it to keep me busy ‘cause I have grown so impatient, I can’t take it anymore. All I’ve seen is clouds for the past seven hours and a half. Here, I’m gonna take a picture of my precious coffee.  Haha

Ok guys. I’ll continue this on the third flight. See what I get out of that. I think that’s like 4 hours. God save me! I am so looking for a bed to lay flat and tell my spine that yes, normally that’s how it should be and not like a curved pretzel. I also need to charge my laptop somewhere for a bit. One phone is down to half battery. The other one is a bit better. Gotta call my man and let him know I’ve landed. Boston is an hour ahead of Houston. He should be at work by then. Ah, this coffee is good! I’m sorry part of this blog sounds like Mela’s To do list haha, but I have to remember what I have to do. Plus I’m not going to see him until late at night when he gets back from Dallas. Oh well, at least I’ll have the time to look presentable. Right now I am proud to say my make up holds beautifully. But then again I always look my best when I mad, tired or sick hahaha. That’s why no one believes I’m going through a bad time when I actually am.

Ok, I’m gonna give these people half an hour more before I get up and scavenge in my bag for the passport to fill out this damn thing. I think I also have a pen somewhere in there with the lipstick. Ok ladies and gents. I shall be back. Gotta switch positions in this chair now! 1 hour and 30 min sharp left. YES!


Yeah I’m here. On the last couple of km I realized the plane literally does about 100 km in like less than ten minutes. That’s cool. I want one. Haha. Anyway. We landed and let me tell you. Every time I see the American soil, no matter what city we’re talking about I get weak knees and my heart melts, literally melts. My eyes absorb everything in a different light, everything feels and looks different as if I had reached the gates of heaven. It’s hard for some to understand. I cannot explain it any other way than that I have somehow been born here in a different life and I have unfinished business and I must return and finish them. I was simply born in the wrong place and I am attempting to go back where I belong. Most people look for a logical reason behind a move so drastic; behind a desire so illogical with no solid foundation in real life. No, I’m not looking for a better pay or a better life. Nor for any materialistic things. At this point if I ever considered any of those it would be for my kids. If I ever have any and I have them in the States I’d be happy to know they have far much better opportunities and support than I ever did. At a personal level, I just need to be here because this is where I belong. Has nothing to do with the mentality, the economy and so on. This is just my place. There’s bad and good here. Like everywhere else. So it’s not about that either. It just is.

So I see Boston for the first time. And I could spend the next few pages to describe how my eyes bathed in the image of the many little islands sprinkled across the golf with the ocean waters enveloping them. With boats roaming around the many lighthouses placed on many of these islands and they are like rock soldiers scattered across the bay. It was an astonishing view. Especially that I have started working on one of my screenplays called the Boston Light and it is about the oldest lighthouse in America which happens to be the Boston Light here in… you guessed it, haha, Boston. So seeing it right there before my eyes was fantastic. Such a peaceful full of sunshine view. A swell greeting from America to Mela on her first solo visit on the promise land of her heart. Then right after landing I made my way through the customs. I always go a bit excited about that. You never know what questions those people are gonna come up with. Not that I have something to worry about, but they’re the kind of officers that inspire you to keep quiet and don’t smile while you’re under their scrutiny haha. But there was barely anyone there so I get one of these guys who’s in a joking mood and we chat for a bit while he scans and finger prints me. This is America ok? You get scanned and finger printed no questions asked. I pass by easily and then I wait for like 20 minutes to pick up my luggage. Then off to find the check in for Houston.

As I said, I thought I might run into problems because I wrote my name wrong. So I get to the check in and there’s barely any people there too. We had landed a bit ahead of time so now I have about 3 hours to kill before taking off. I look at all the ladies there and choose one that seems a bit more flexible in case I do am in trouble and I need her help. And she does seem to confirm that having my name registered differently might cause me some problems. I pull up my puppy face look mingled with a drop of desperation in my voice complaining about my flat ass and back pain from the long flight already and plead for her mercy! Eventually she says, I can change it but that means you lose your seat up front and I get to put you further in the back. I DON’T CARE! Just put me on the flight! So she does! Thank you baby Jesus! I’m off to Terminal E Gate E1D. So many names. I do the customs. This time I need to take my shoes off, get into that scanning machine with my arms above my head. It’s freaking me out. Then I step through and this guy says, my colleague will do a little bit of massage on you. HA HA. Joker! I say sure, I need it anyway! His colleague comes in for a quick frisk. I’m let go to move on. I put my shoes back on, grab my stuff and I am on my way to find the gate.

But having learnt my lesson from Paris where I hurried to check in and didn’t eat anything, this time I sat down and indulged in a large portion of fries and grilled veggies with ham. That’s when I took my time to chat with some of you guys, answer to all the comments and best wishes. I was like when the hell did this picture get 70 something likes??! I forgot there was plenty of time in between Paris and Boston haha. Much appreciated guys!

Oops. Boarding is starting. Talk to you from Houston! Mwuah!


HA! Where do I start? Actually that flight was part hell part fun. It was so long and I simply couldn’t stand it anymore. And they put some really cold air conditioning on that I froze to death. Eventually half way through the flight when I was exiting the toilet (haha) I somehow (like I always do!) got into a conversation with the two flight attendants. Oh, that did me good! They were so nice and we chatted for about an hour which helped ease the pain of the flight. Then for the reminder of the time I played Zombies on my laptop haha. The people sitting next to me were this large gentleman and his wife, cute people. Not very talkative but funny enough. It was night already. And then I saw Houston. Wow! That’s so many lights!. I knew my Knight wasn’t gonna be there to pick me up but somehow I still got excited. I honestly never ruled out the possibility that he may actually be there because he is that kind of man who will surprise me when I least expected. Happened before haha. We finally landed.

Houston. Never been here. Two months and two days ago I would have never thought I’d be here. Yet, voila. The airport as usual was an intricate labyrinth of corridors but I found my way through. It’s the hottest city I’ve been in so far but I was actually cold from being so tired and from the air conditioning on the plane. I waited for a while for my luggage to come in. A flight from Dallas landed holding half of the Houston population who are fans of this famous Texas American Football team which from the looks of it had a major match in Dallas that night. And lost. Oops. A lot of pissed face painted hornes on their t-shirts people! Hahaha Finally my luggage was in. I made my way out in the parking lot and suddenly a hot humid air hit me in the face. I started warming up. A blessing! I saw all these taxis lined up and some of them were like mini vans so I thught I shouldn’t take a huge ass car just for old little me so I looked for a normal sized car. The guy says, no, go straight forward to the light. What the hell does that mean? I just followed the line of cars to the end where I found a guy there who seemed to know something and he said take this car. Which was the first taxi in line. So the rule here is, you don’t take any taxi, you take the first taxi in line. Which makes it fair to them. And this guy was with a mini van. So fine, I felt like I had my own limo haha. 1.7 miles and 10 bucks later I am at the hotel.

My Knight had left the key there on my name. The guy at the reception inspected me suspiciously. Then smiled and gave me the key with my man’s hand writing on it. That brought back memories. I took the elevator and as I came out I heard the phone ring. He’s calling to make sure I got there. He said he would be there in 3 hours. 3 hours… I sigh. That’s definitely enough time for Mela to recover a bit but also enough time for Mela to fall asleep like a rock and not be awake when he got here. Haha. Not nice.

The room is awesome with a view to the pool underneath the window. I was so happy I made it and I could drop the luggage, that I literally bounced through for a little while. I was afraid to sit on the bed because I might fall asleep immediately. It’s like 3AM Bucharest time and my body felt it and urged me to sleep. I unpacked, took a shower and tried to watch TV. I fell asleep of course. Eventually, a little over midnight I heard a knock on the door. Finally. I stumbled out of bed (Americans have a crazy way of making the bed with 3 layers of bed sheets goddamn it, I keep getting tangled in them!). I tried to unlock the door but my brain refused to help me. I managed to pull it open and my eyes were invaded with the light from the corridor. He stepped in, I closed the door and took refuge in his arms. He has one of the strongest heartbeats I’ve heard; so comforting. Now, I had everything.

October 5 was definitely a long day. Really long, but at the end of it worthwhile in every way. I loved the journey here. I loved socializing with people on the road. The next day proved to be even better. But that’s another story, for another blog.
Mwuah! Have a nice week!

Mela out!