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Love Story

Hello my Dear People of the Journal!
Guess what?
Tomorrow, August 15, 2014 Grasu Paco a.k.a. the Masked Warrior, the Savannah Feline, Momma’s Big Boy, the Lone Survivor (haha!) will be 6 years old. I’ve had him since he was 8 months old and 4.30kg (about 9 lbs). My former husband gave him to me as a gift on Valentine day in 2009. And to be honest I have never been into keeping animals in the house, not because of the mess, but because they might be unhappy. Plus I have always been a dog person. I’ve raised Lupa, my German Sheppard since she was three months old until she passed away following cancer and three failed surgery attempts at the age of 13. Plus, we used to look after Grasu’s sister while her adoptive mother was out on vacation and she left so much hair everywhere (SO MUCH that she almost built a nest wherever she slept!) that when Grasu came in I was thinking that if he too had the same problem I wouldn’t be able to survive it. Too much hair in a small condo is dangerous. See…

The delights of official chores

Hey there my People of the Journal! How’s life treating you these days? I am sure you’re on a roller coaster, but that’s alright! As long as you survive it, it can only mean you’re having fun hehe.
Ok, I’m not gonna make this a long one. Just a quick look into my US visa application process. You think this can in no way, be fun. Well, the application in itself no, and obviously I have taken it very seriously. I do have the visa already but had to change it from my married name to my maiden name so my new passport matches with the visa. So yes, this comes as a warning note for those of you out there who have either divorced or married or changed status in any way: if you already have a visa don’t count on the fact that you can travel with both passports and show the justification document that proves the change in your status (be them translated and notarized) because you run a huge risk of being put on the next plane home and never enter US. The embassy’s strong recommendation is to re…