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Rome. Day 2 - Up on the Roof of Rome. Down the Alleys of History.

And I’m back.
Back in all ways possible. Back with the blog and back in Bucharest.
So now that I am back I can continue this saga of Rome as I literally did not have the time to write anything while we were there. We were out all day from morning till late at night. But then again, that’s what a vacation is all about right?
To take it back in time a little bit and explain some of the stuff I said in the prior post, I haven’t been that well with my health lately. In fact my stomach has taken the worst blow I’ve undergone in the last four years or so. A few weeks ago my grandpa has been diagnosed with cancer and has shown malign tumors on his bones, just where he has broken them a few years ago. On top of it all, his health has deteriorated incredibly fast. We’re talking about two weeks. From mild pain killers we are now going on morphine in high doses and he is in terrible pain sometimes. It was a shot gun blast to the head, a bullet through my body flying at light speed. It may sound dr…

Rome, Day 1. Flying in. Eventually.

So my dear Ladies and Gents,
I know most of you are actually working today. You know, that horrible schedule where you wake up at 6:30A , (or earlier!!!), drag to the bathroom to wash your face, pour coffee in (hopefully!) your mug. Sometimes it ends on the floor or on the PJs. That’s alright. I know the feeling. Grasu saves me from cleaning the floor every now and then when he cleans the omlette traces I’ve left behind in the kitchen. He’s my faithful dog dish washer haha.
But we’re distancing ourselves from the main point here. And that is your misery as compared to my happiness right now. A cruel thing I know, but the time has come for Mela to finally be on vacation. I’ve seen you all take weeks off. Now, as they say in common tongue: eat your heart out!!!! Mwwwuahahah!
Seriously though. First day wasn’t all that much fun. We were to fly out in the afternoon, with the 3:50PM Blue Air flight to Rome. That, of course, if the plane ever took off! It did, eventually, after an entire hou…