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The Burns Supper experience!

My dear Ladies and Gents of the Journal,
What should I start with? Probably with wishing you a short week, to stay safe and warm somewhere inside because it looks like winter has finally come for a visit and from previous years I know this lady doesn’t know that short visits are the most welcomed haha Anyway, back in the office and it’s one of those mornings where the bed never looked cozier and the pillow never felt warmer. Plus Grasu, that fat ball of fur keeps cuddling and it surely doesn’t help with waking up, fresh and ready for a new day. Out in the cold!!!
But this is not about Mela’s ass dragging to get out of bed. It is about the Burns Supper. If you have been reading the Light into Europe blog, you should know by now what this celebration stands for. To put it all in a nut shell, it’s an event commemorating one of Scotland’s greatest poets, Robert Burns. Every year in end of January we gather to enjoy good poetry, fine music, good food and great funny speeches from the special…

New Year hello!

Hello there my fine People of the Journal!
Happy New Year! May you guys have a year if not better than 2013, than at least as good as you deserve it to be, because I know you’re all making efforts to always take a step forth and never a step back!
Well, there is not much to say. Really this is just to say Hi! in 2014 and send you all my best wishes.
To summarize the holidays, Christmas was beautiful but short lived. Then for New Year’s I had mom over. We spent a whole day shopping like only girls can, chatted over a Starbucks – we always like to try new flavors! – and of course, cooked for New Years as if there was an army about to step our threshold and needed to be fed. Yeah… moms and feeding. I’m telling you, if I ever allow mom to send me a package from home, I better empty my fridge beforehand. Like this past weekend she had to send me some cosmetics I ordered, which wouldn’t have taken more space than what you normally get in a handbag. Instead, I find myself at the bus stop with t…