Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Year hello!

Hello there my fine People of the Journal!

In case you were wondering, this is Mela beginning of 2014. A tomboy with super powers in her panties. 
Happy New Year! May you guys have a year if not better than 2013, than at least as good as you deserve it to be, because I know you’re all making efforts to always take a step forth and never a step back!

Well, there is not much to say. Really this is just to say Hi! in 2014 and send you all my best wishes.

To summarize the holidays, Christmas was beautiful but short lived. Then for New Year’s I had mom over. We spent a whole day shopping like only girls can, chatted over a Starbucks – we always like to try new flavors! – and of course, cooked for New Years as if there was an army about to step our threshold and needed to be fed. Yeah… moms and feeding. I’m telling you, if I ever allow mom to send me a package from home, I better empty my fridge beforehand. Like this past weekend she had to send me some cosmetics I ordered, which wouldn’t have taken more space than what you normally get in a handbag. Instead, I find myself at the bus stop with this humongous trolley filled to the rims. I’m like WTF?!? That can’t be cosmetics alone unless I ordered the whole goddamn catalogue and got a bonus on top of that! Instead I find my little plastic bag of cosmetics forgotten on the bottom of this huge pit filled with food. All the food I love and try to stay away from. I unpack and then once my hands were free I dial mom in to argue with her. She sounded like a mouse being taken to the torture chamber. "But you know momma thought of you, that her little baby should have some of her favorite this and that. Just a little!...” Mom, you put a whole damn pot in there! What kind of measurements are you using?!?! Of course the whole time I’m bitching at her I am actually eating the delicious stew she sent me with a mouth full so I couldn't even speak properly. “But I don’t want to eat all this stuff mom!” I continued shoveling through the plate. I’m such a loser! I love it that she’s taking such good care of me and spoils me on every occasion, but I gotta stick to a sedentary adult life and her cooking is not helping!
Mom and her books. A true love affair :)

She's trying on my high heels. Well, almost!

Always Starbucks!!!!

Right after sharing more gifts!
On new Year’s I was happy to have Laura and Mariano join us during the big night and the cherry on the cake was calling my baby sister Emily and literally do the count down with her and her parents on the phone. I recorded the incredible fireworks across Bucharest which from my balcony are an awesome sight. It probably must’ve conveyed like a war zone through the phone for her but we managed to go through two New Year’s, American and Romanian due to technology. You gotta love moments like these!
Laura, Grasu and I on New Year

Part of my wonderful gift from Em. One of the really good parts of January 2014

Two of my favorite ladies got together in January in Brussels! 
Now I’m back at work and the first two weeks have been so busy and demented that I feel I’m already down to mid June haha. But at least I’m planning vacations and stuff with friends and I’m slowly but surely building an excitement for that. I read my horoscope for this year and it extremely hilarious as to some aspects related to my life. Fortunately or unfortunately – we are soon to find out – they seem to be coming true, which is painfully funny in a way. But what’s life if not a series of events that are meant to surprise you just when you thought you knew better? I for one can’t take anything for granted anymore and will just try to hold on to my personal guide I’ve built for years and act upon my best intentions. And then, whatever happens, happens. Will deal with it when I cross that bridge.

So, do the same. If 2013 was a harsh year for you, find a way to shed that skin of exhaustion and bitter taste because this is a whole new year. Yes, same problems, same worries. But I don’t think anything ever stayed the same, so give 2014 a fighting chance for the better. For those who had a good year, keep up the good work and make an even bigger difference!

Therefore, again all the best to you, big hug and many kisses to last you for the whole year. I’ll send some more as we go in case you spend these away. And I’ll see you soon with the story about the last gifts for the children at the Special School for the Deaf, which should happen early next week.



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