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Run it. Just RUN IT !!!

So this right here is about my first marathon/race experience as a grown up. I did do speed and marathon competitions for a short while when I was a kid. Meaning a teenager after finishing with ballet. But boy! Is that a long time ago or what? Haha!
So I wanted to try this to see how it feels, because so many of my friends and colleagues do it and I was like, how bad can it be, you know? Running outside is really not my favorite thing to do. I am perfectly fine with running on the treadmill, because my goal is to do cardio and sweat it off and then do toning. So running marathons is not a priority for me. But they said, Mela, the virus might be so catchy you’re going to be on it before you know it. Just give it a shot. Still, because of a three–time broken ankle and a random-run-away meniscus, even when I do run outside things are not very pleasant or easy for me. Plus, this year I think I ran outside only twice or so. Two trips around the park, meaning about 6.20km/ 3.15 miles in abou…