Sunday, October 19, 2014

USA. Day 2.3 and 4. Houston

Day 2.                            

I guess I’m faster than God when it comes to creating my own world because I’ve done so little yet so incredibly much in 3 days.

As some of you have probably experienced personally, long flights usually cause you to jet lag. I make no exception. Plus, I was so tired that it added to the already malfunctioning system. When I got to the hotel I literally collapsed. I believe I was a bit incoherent talking to my Knight but that’s ok, he got it. He was tired too, so an hour or so later we were both fast asleep. Cuddling works wonders with me haha.

I woke up at about 5AM. Jim was also up from the exact same reason. So we texted back and forth, trying to get some things done. At some point I had lost track of the Romanian time, thankfully my laptop kept the Bucharest time so I knew that my ladies back in the office were still there to help me with my many inquiries. It’s weird sitting alone in the dark but I feared that I’d wake my sleeping beauty (hehe) with my twisting and tossing. So now I took the couch, put both phones on silent and went to work. Soon enough I had covered all emails, all texts, Facebook and my blog. At some point I heard movement from the other side of the room and I could tell he’s looking for me. I felt guilty. I was about to close down my improvised work desk when I saw him standing half asleep in front of me. Somehow he had found his answer: I was there. Not in bed. He went back. I closed the laptop and followed him. He was waiting. I fell asleep again for another 2 hours.

There's nothing I appreciate more than the simple gestures. Even when half asleep :)

I woke up completely excited (unrelated to the picture above hahaha). My first appointment was at 11:45AM. I slid out of the covers again like a little thief to put on make-up and whatnot. By the time Knight was up I was ready. His first thought was to feed me. He has a big issue with me not eating enough meat. It’s like an ongoing debate. “You’re working out too much and all you eat is salad.” And fish. And yogurt. And oat meal. And egg white omelets. And soup. And meat, like twice a week, it’s true, but still. No. Not enough. “On the long run you’ll destroy your muscle because you’re not getting enough protein”. He’s one stubborn ass when it comes to making a point. There’s no arguing with him. But I didn’t feel like eating anything because I was too focused on what was coming. I got my office suit on, the high heels too, that I had hoped to leave behind during vacations but alas. Not this time. I love this pencil skirt I got, but I can barely walk in it damn it haha. We left to make sure we found the place on time. He did and rather quickly so we were left about 40 minutes to kill so, of course, he got me to a restaurant to eat. I ate half the stuff in my plate. It was already so hot outside and I was sweating in my black/gray outfit. And very humid and cloudy. Rain was coming. He dropped me in front of the office building and wished me good luck with a quick wink.

While I was inside it started pouring. Like a heavy rain, a summer Houston storm but I could not afford to enjoy it as I was half way through my meeting. It’s going better than expected. I was doing my best to maintain my composure. I was there to see a long shot in hell happen, but still, I was surely giving it my best anyway. An hour and 20 minutes later the guy hit me with his decision and he numbed my brain. At the time I reacted extremely natural as if I was expecting it to happen, like I knew all along he’d be on the same page with me. I got up, shook hands, exchanged business cards, arranging that we discuss at our earliest convenience to start settling the logistic details. Even right now when I listen to him speak in my mind I still find it strange and surreal.

I left the building, totally baffled as if I was living an outer body experience. I called mom and gave her the news. I called Adinut and gave her the news. She screamed in the phone. Then I realized I was standing in the rain in front of the building. I couldn’t think what I had to do next. I figured my man had gone away and I’d have to wait for him to return considering I’ve been in there for much longer than I initially thought. I called him. “Stay right there. I’m coming.” And he came 2 minutes later. I got in. “I did it” I said, calmly with just a faint nuance of excitement in my voice. He looked at me and said “Really?” But a “really” just as plane as my announcement, as if it was no wonder for him that I’d make it. “Yeah.” “Great.” I smiled. He knows how to keep me calm. “How did you make it back so fast?” I asked. “I slept in the parking lot. Not the best nap I got. The wind kept rocking the car.” I couldn’t believe it. 

We returned to the hotel as the rain grew thicker over the city. We planned on waiting for the rain to pass to go out. We fell asleep and woke up four hours later haha. The clock seemed to be in complete disagreement with our plans. It took us a little to figure out exactly what happened but we had both earned that nap so we’re not frustrated with the time loss. The rain had stopped so we went out to the restaurant for dinner. He convinced me to eat meat haha. Rib eye steak with spinach salad and sweet potato fries. I finished the entire plate. Must’ve made him feel proud. I froze to death in the restaurant because of the air conditioning. I forgot it’s always cold inside with these people so you come from like 28 degrees outside to 10 inside. It’s horrible! We left soon after and drove around for a bit chatting. It was already late. End of Day 2.

Day 3.

Because I slept too much in the afternoon, I woke up again like 4AM in the morning. Same drill. I work. Blog. Email. Updates with friends. An hour or so later I finally felt sleepy so I snuggled back and slept until 8AM. Knight wasn’t feeling too good with a headache hammering his temples. We stopped by Starbucks and grabbed some coffee and croissants. Then into a drive through for him to get something to eat. I managed to convince to take some medication. This is actually his first vacation in forever. He works too much, trains too much and doesn’t sleep enough. Not even close to what he should be sleeping so I’m really happy he’s finally catching up on all that spent energy. That’s part of the reason I kept leaving his side so I don’t wake him up. Following the medication the headache goes down for a bit and we went shopping at Marshall’s. I actually find a few cute things and most importantly I found the gifts I want to bring to mom and my friends. We returned to the hotel and spent the afternoon watching stand-up comedy for a few hours. I haven’t laughed this hard in so long. Meanwhile I got word that my second appointment got postponed due to some logistic details in the company and that unfortunately it couldn’t be reset for the time I was in Houston. But that we could have a Skype meeting as soon as the problem was fixed. I was relieved that’s not all gone! Meanwhile my third appointment confirms availability for Wednesday morning.

That guy at Starbucks "ate" a  letter from both our names. Pretty funny. At least Knight didn't feel left out anymore haha
In the evening we were running late with leaving for dinner. Restaurants usually close at about 10PM. He wanted to take me to a Mexican restaurant and feed me tacos haha. I am sure they have meat in them. We arrived there just when they were closing. The waiter apologized profusely and walked us out insisting that we come the evening after. Knight said that unfortunately I wouldn’t be around anymore the following evening. As we left the restaurant the guy caught up with us and said “I know you from somewhere, don’t I?” My man smiled politely, like he always does and nodded, “yeah, probably.” The guy remembered where he had seen him before and shook hands with him to wish him good luck. He told him they’re basically neighbors as he lived close to his apartment. Knight smiled while slowly guiding me towards the car. He is not necessarily fond of situations like these. He said jokingly “we’re surely not coming here again!” I laughed. This is what I liked about him all along. He’s such a decent guy! We drove to the same restaurant like the day before only this time he let me chose what I want to eat but he insisted on making me have some Marguerita. He had stake, of course, and I had chicken breast with shrimp and mashed potatoes. He’s unhappy with the drink they brought because they had put lemon juice in it and it’s not as strong as it should’ve been. So he ordered another after detailing to the waitress what he wanted in it. The second one, as expected, was much stronger and it knocked my senses out. He is always amused with my lack of resistance to alcohol. That and with how skinny my wrists are, how pointy my nose is. And how I never really eat meat. Of course. He spends his time measuring my back or legs with his palms for fun so that when someone asks him about me he can describe me in inches. He is a silly man sometimes! He’s developed a sign language to describe my body following his measurements. He’s so funny when he does it so I let him misbehave like that.

I was so full with what that dinner that I convinced him to go for a walk in the park. Houston in itself is not a walk in the park. Without a car you’re dead in this town. So we sped down the highways and into the city. Houston at night is gorgeous. I tried to take a quick picture but nothing compares to the real thing. He pulled the car on the side of the road and we just started walking along the alleys in the park. No one there and such a perfect night. Silent with warm pleasant weather. We talked sports and his matches and strategies to help along with his plans for the future. We made plans on how we need to break the record together and run 3 miles in 20 minutes. Right now he’s doing much better than me. He’s almost down to 23 minutes. In my best of days I almost run them in 24 almost 25 minutes. He’s got knee problems, I have ankle issues. Both on the right leg. Made for each other I say haha. We got back to the car. His migraine was back and we stopped for more medication, this time something a bit stronger. Took some water and a pack of cigarettes. Somehow we felt the need to go back to collage times and be young and restless again. Well, I felt the need to be younger; he’s already there hahaha. Right. We went back to the hotel and sat by the pool discussing for another 4 hours, anything and everything, drinking water, smoking with my legs tucked under his t-shirt to keep them from getting cold. Full moon, I told him, it’s perhaps the reason why we’re so restless. Eventually we went back in the hotel just to burst into laughter seeing that’s almost 4AM. Time to go to bed. Today is my last day in Houston. And my last day with him. End of Day 3.

Day 4.

I woke up at 6AM. I was restless. We had to check out at noon and I still had to pack, wash my hair, do my nails and had the third appointment. I wouldn’t have the time for all this once I got in motion towards Boston. He’s asleep, but feeling much better than the day before. I am sad. And I am happy. Somewhere, in the deep corners of my mind I am panicking. If things work out like  they appear to be, my life could be very different soon. That’s happy. But leaving today only after three days, that’s sad. I had just got used to him, all pieces have finally come into place, gluing together nicely, unexpectedly well. And now I have to break them apart again. But only the physical parts. The image we’ve created stays together, that’s for sure. I am too metaphoric at this point haha. I am on the flight to Boston on my way to the second part of my trip here. It’s late, I’m cold and sleepless. And nostalgic.

He woke up. My third appointment happened through the phone eventually. It’s pretty helpful. Then I finished packing and we checked out putting my luggage in the trunk of his car. We have a few more hours until I need to be in the airport. We drive to Denny’s to have breakfast. I have blueberry pancakes, fresh strawberries on top with whip cream, omelet, two slices of crispy bacon and some form of minced potatoes, fried a bit. No, I did not know that plate was gonna be so damn huge people! But it was soooooo good I ate it all. Another impressive moment for my Knight who cheered right after messing with me over my diet. We discuss different plans as to what he can do to help me if things go one way or another with my plans. I’m so lucky to have him here, he knows things that would take me so much to learn. We left for Starbucks and soon we drove in at the cinema, but there was nothing interesting on. We had planned on seeing Dracula untold only that it comes out on the 10th. Eventually we decided to go to Macy’s for more shopping. I found a nice blouse and then we moved out. In the parking lot an employee came to him, excited to recognize him as well. Knight went in cautious mood again, nodding, slowly following me to the car. But the man insisted to take a picture. I had my hands full with the coffee and the bags, so he had no other choice but to take the picture. In my head I grin because he deserves all this fame and he should welcome it a bit more openly, which he does to a certain extent but he just likes his privacy so he’d trade moments like this for an incognito shopping moment immediately. By this time it was really hot outside. God I could’ve gotten a tan in a blink of an eye haha.

We had nothing else to do. But the beauty of us is that we don’t need something to do. We need each other and then we always end up doing something haha if that even makes sense. We park in a more deserted parking lot and hide in the shade of a store for one last cigarette. He finds a small glass ball that I also used to have when I was a kid. Him too, so he’s fascinated with it as he hasn’t seen one in a long time. He gives it to me. I felt like I was back in high school sharing little nothings with an important meaning and shy smiles with a boy I like at the corner of the building, away from the noisy class and noisy friends. We finished our cigarettes and in fact it was time to go to the airport. As we drive I am still amazed at his phone which is completely broken. The glass, back and front is smashed like you wouldn’t believe it and he can still see through it. Amazing. He’s the most talented man at breaking IPhones like this and I’ve seen other candidates, but none so skilful! Hahaha

I think for some men, cell phones should just be made like this so they don't bother breaking them in the first place haha
We arrived at the airport much faster than predicted. He couldn’t come in with me as there is a drive through  parking place and he couldn’t leave his car there. It took me by surprise. I wasn’t ready to just say good bye. Good byes always take forever with me. But then again we have to be different in some ways haha. He brought my luggage, cracked few of my ribs with one of his bear hugs and with a quick shower of kisses randomly spread across my face he rushed me to the gate. “Call me when you’re in! Safe flight!” He went around the car and as he got in, he looked at me again “Call me!” Somehow that was my signal to go. So I simply turned around and left. Inside I opened my luggage and switched from my shorts to my long pants as Boston was going to be much cooler at night. I checked in my luggage, I went through customs and I was safely inside. I texted him that all was good. He answered “I wish we had more time but traffic is a mess.” I smile. He knew I wanted my fair share of kisses. Instead he made it sound like our next meeting is right around the corner and this was just a short detour. Soon there would be more kissing. He’s off to training. I spent my next hour and a half downloading the pictures I took and discussing with friends on FB. Eventually, an hour before boarding, I went hungry so I ate, incredibly so, a salad! Hahaha with a bit of chicken breast on top. I took a picture and sent it to him so he can monitor my diet haha. But it was too late to wait for an answer. Time to board.

Now I am here. Another hour before I land in Boston, at 11PM. Then a taxi to the hotel. Shower. Sleep. 9:30AM tomorrow morning I start my day again with Julia, friend and work partner. Our very first encounter. Overly excited!!! She’s going to be my guide in Boston for the few hours I have here. Then in the afternoon off to the train and then New York, New York, I’m coming today…… haha.

The End.

Sad face. Happy face. And then a crooked smile.

Va pup,

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