Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend cravings

It’s Friday people! Are you rejoicing? I hope you are!

Isn’t it funny how desperate busy and awfully grim the world has become if we cannot rejoice the one thing that is eternal and never ending: time. We are ecstatic at the sound of the word “weekend” but only for a moment, because shortly after we realize that half of it will be “abused” by worldly things such as cleaning, shopping for groceries, doing laundry and cooking which usually ends up sometime at 3:00PM on Saturday. Then what? We still have Sunday. Yeah, that’s right ladies and gents, we have yet another day. How trully blessed we are! No! We suck! We hang on to one day, one tiny bitsy day to fulfill all our expectations, dreams and plans for the past at least 5 days if not more. All our life boils down to Sunday.

This is how the torment begins.

Do I go out Saturday? That means I’ll sleep in too long on Sunday and I’ll waste half of the day and won’t be able to do much afterwards.

Do I stay in, call a couple of friends, have a beer, watch a movie, play a game, watch a football match? But then they’ll stay in late and it’ll be the same thing as if I went out!

Do I just go out for dinner or a walk in the park? That won’t take long! But I do that all the time.

Saturday evening and you’re still at home napping after a day of spending 2 hours and a half in Carrefour, an hour and a half cleaning and ladies, yes, I know, at least an hour and a half cooking. And the TV sucks as you flip through the channels and you’re wondering why you can’t decide to do something with your Saturday evening. Because you’re afraid that what you’re doing today will affect your only friggin’ available Sunday and then if you fuck up now you’re gonna miss your chance for another 5 days, that’s why!

So you’re napping, pulling out of your inner drawer of excuses the “I deserve it!” part and that puts your mind at ease for another hour or so until you’re done napping like a 65 year old. Then you get up and you look out the window and you figure it’s kind of late to decide. You should’ve thought of putting people together for some clubbing during the week. But you were too busy to even consider the possibility of going out. You just wanted to relax. But now you want to party.

But that’s alright! There is always movies to save the day! Or so you think while pulling up the internet to download a few, but nothing really catches your eye and the really good ones that you do want to see are barely out on the market and your illegal search only gets the CAM filemd ones, where you can’t make much out of anything from the image or sound.

But we are positive natured people. Hell, I haven’t seen Hell Boy I since it was released! (a 1,000 years ago!) So you find that somewhere on your computer and sit back all happy that you have finally found something to do, with some microwave popcorn in your hand or a slice of melon. Especially a huge slice of melon that you are about to devour knowing that normally you wouldn’t eat that if you were going out cause it makes you look pregnant! Or like you’d had more than three bears at once! So now you’re really enjoying your decision of staying home and watching a movie! 2 in 1, a rare occasion!

And then the phone rings and you’re like what? You pick it up totally annoyed while pausing the movie with a frozen 20 Century Fox image on the big screen.

“Yeah. Yeah. No… Hmm. Right. Well… what? I don’t know.” You take a look at the melon, sweating cold drops of sweetness waiting for you to sink your teeth in it. You swallow in wanting to grab the damn juicy thing and eat it. Now! “I don’t know. Why didn’t you call me earlier?”

Yeah, it’s one of those friends who are the pioneers of fun and age, time, jobs, family and undecided slug like friends like yourself will never keep them away from having a good fun at the cost of a sleepless night and a sucky Monday morning. You used to be like that once. Your shoulders drop as the unprecedented naughty absolutely outrageous idea of you going out that very Saturday evening springs in the dark dusty corners of your mind. That part of your brain that has succumbed to the grief, exhaustion, few smiles lots of stress part of your daily routine. He keeps talking, but you’re not listening. You’re back to square one calculating your chances of failing deadlines at work or coming in late ‘cause you can’t wake up because of a wasted Saturday night.

“Come on man! You suck!” But you already know that. Right now it’s just a matter of proving the guy right or finally deciding what the heck this weekend is going to be about. The melon has kind of lost its attractiveness but your corporate grown up intellectual self won’t let go just yet. You glimpse at the clock and your brain quickly does the math of how long it would take to get ready and then travel downtown to where the fun is happening. Upon this idea, the melon seems to win back some territory as you consider it’s probably gonna get really late by the time you even step outside the house.

“Well, if you decide to come, we’re here. Fucking come for once already!”

Wait, wait! Don’t give up on me now! I need you to make up my mind! Damn! He’s going out having fun while you’re munching on melon in your PJs watching TV. On a Saturday evening after you've been waiting for it all.week.long! Eh… And you look at the clock one last time.

Sunday morning.

You open your eyes and you reach for the phone, but before you look at the digits you peak at the light coming through the curtains trying to guesstimate what the time is. Then you bury your face back in the pillow. Forget it! I don’t care!

You get out of bed and drag your feet to the kitchen wondering what's the fastest breakfast you could make. And then as you’re pouring milk over your favorite cereal, your clearer vision and the brighter sun make hope creep in the more sober part of your brain. Maybe I can still make it to the gym! And then shopping at the mall! Yeah, if I take my gear with me so I don’t have to come back home to change…

You’re happy now.

You bring your cereal in bed and turn on the TV just to have something to watch while eating and then you, nonchalantly and absolutely innocently, take the phone to check for updates on your Facebook profile.


Oh come’on!!!!!!!!

Phone rings. “Wassssssssupppp!!!!”

That idiot who made you go out last night!!!!

“’The hell do you want man?”

“Are you kickin’!!!!”

“Stop yelling! I just woke up!”

The laughter at the end of the line it’s not comforting knowing you’re eating breakfast at lunch and that the option to go the gym at 2:00PM, work out for an hour and a half then go to the mall is now desperately ruined.

You hang off the phone and then put the bowl to the side wondering.

Do I go to the gym and only work out for an hour? But then I have to take a shower there cause I can’t go like this to the mall! That means more stuff to carry around. Not cool for someone trying to look fancy at the damn mall!

Do I…

It’s not Sunday people! Stop worrying already! J

Just get out of work today, go do your groceries tonight cause you’re tiered from work anyway, it won’t matter. Wake up on Saturday at 8:30AM tomorrow (it sucks if you’re not a morning person haha) then clean your place, go to the gym and then out at Carturesti to have lunch with friends. Come back, cook something while dancing your pretty bootilicious in the kitchen and then while watching TV chose what you're going to wear when you go out and have a drink with friends. If by 9:30PM you’re still up and running go to the clubs. If not, go home and fall asleep watching a bad movie.

Sunday. Do nothing other than be lazy. Whatever you do!

Have a great weekend! Love’ya!

P.S. Very important: regret nothing no matter what decision you make. The good thing about time being endless, it’s that we will never have enough of it! J

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