Friday, May 9, 2014

Catching up!

Sooo. Went silent since February 14. Isn’t that an awful thing? (HA!)

Well, as incredibly as it may seem life can be a clingy bitch. In other words, even though nothing exciting actually happens, I am still busy as all hell. I guess this is how things go. Sometimes there are fun and beautiful things happening in a short period of time and sometimes you go for months without doing anything other than work/home/friends. (less friends, more work and home is a sort of hotel!)

Work has been horribly busy. In a way it hasn’t been in a long time; I can even say it has never been this bad; to the point where my life literally resumed to work alone. I was lucky to have mom come over and spend a few weeks with me and so I got to enjoy my family a bit. I have had so little time to go see my grandparents. I was so tired that the mere thought of leaving town and be on a bus for a few hours, spend a day and a half away from home, then come back on the same bus and this way waste a whole weekend – seemed like torture to me!

Have you noticed the kind of machines we have become? Ok. I’m going to speak about myself now, so forgive the generalization. Saturday and Sunday are the only days when I have time for grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry and so on. I’ve touched this subject before in another blog, but that was about trying to have fun on top of the daily chores. Now it’s about simply surviving the weekend and using it as a blood bag to feed myself with enough energy to face Mondays again. How horrible! This is me at this point. Actually I am getting a bit better now. But since the beginning of the year I have been riding this roller coaster and somehow I keep going up but never come down. Even though coming down is the scariest part, it is most necessary. And I am only now starting to descent. Hopefully haha. I’m not sure I’m making much sense with this. Thoughts just form in my head and my fingers type them with possibly no cognitive processing in between hahaha

There have been good times sprinkled here and there.

I have kept loyal to the gym and it’s the best most energizing addiction I could get for someone who has so little time for herself. It’s the perfect way to spend the negative energy on a bad day and the adrenaline rush on a super busy day. I always need to keep track of my exercises, plan new things, figure out new work outs and never let myself discouraged by routine or pain haha As they say, when it hurts, that’s when it makes a difference. Gym is not about fitness and losing weight. It’s a way of dealing with stress for me. As we/I know – mostly I know haha – stress is my major problem and anything that goes wrong with me form a health point of view it’s caused by stressed. So I am on a constant look out to find ways to mend my nerves and keep stress under control.

Ok, what else? Ah! Yes. Ok, I’m not going to detail on this for too long because it can turn into a small novel in itself haha. I have posted recently these horoscope test results saying that a Gemini’s perfect match is Aquarius. I am sure most of you have read the horoscope at least once in your life. We all pretty much match our opposite sign and/or two other signs, usually from the same category as we are. Mine for example is Air. The other Air signs are Libra and Aquarius. So that’s 100% match right there. Then there is Leo, with about 80% - but from previous obvious experiences in my life (GRIN!) I do not seem to know how to stroke their ego mane properly and we always end up in a fight so we’re going to set aside anything below perfection hahaha. Now, between Libra and Aquarius, it seems to me like the A men (just gonna call them that for short) are better matched with the way I am and would balance me better. This is how (with Emily’s constant and absolute masterful PR skills!) I have chosen Tom Hiddleston to be my A man example! More so, he is a year older than I am, lives literally 2 hours away and has the wits, charm and spirit to keep up with me. Of course, there is this small matter of him being incredibly famous and having about a million and a half people following him on Twitter and millions of women dedicating him entire Boards on Pinterest which makes competition quite harsh, but I should not doubt what is written in stars, right? Haha Either way, what I find most interesting about A men at this point – from literally research only because I have never met one – is that I cannot figure them out completely and a little mystery to a man always triggers the detective in me. And Mela can be a very good perseverant Sherlock Holmes! Hahaha

But moving on! My gorgeous beautiful awesome baby sister Emily was here! And people thought we fell off the face of the earth because unlike last September when we met in Brussels and we took a thousand pictures and went everywhere and did everything, now, we literally did nothing. Well we went to the mall to do some shopping, enjoy some Starbucks and be the girls we are. Watch friggin’ Vikings at home – 2 seasons of it too! Yes, we are history/mythology freaks so we can do that together and never get bored. We cooked wonderful meals, went to the gym together and spent hours chit chatting life. Sometimes some vacations are about running around and visiting and some are about total relaxation, battery charging and simply good quality time. A lot of people may find it hard to believe that we didn’t go anywhere outside Bucharest or didn’t even go out on a sunny day, when perhaps we could have been out in town getting drinks or going to the movies or what not. Well, freedom of the spirit and a good time come from the mind, not from where we are and what we do. And this is why I love spending time with Emily because she grasps on that concept perfectly. It is with whom I am with that makes the difference for me. So I was really happy to have her here for almost two weeks even though I came to work for about three days. Oh well. It went by too fast and now that we’re back to our lives it seems like we’re already moving away too fast from that time of bliss. But life doesn’t wait for us to happen.

What else is there? I have finally started working on my story “The Walls” again. I have not written anything in over half a year. But writing takes time and inspiration and with me turning into Robocop, part human, part machine, inspiration got circuited somewhere in the tangled wires in my brain.

In the meantime I am enjoying the little things in life as usual, despite the numbness in my brain. Grasu is the most lovable and adorable cat who ever existed and I am blessed to have him – in case I haven’t said that enough already! haha

The tomatoes mom planted have grown so big and beautiful and MANY that I had to give away some.
I’m meeting Jason Momoa this weekend. Haha. I think the most interesting thing about this is to see whether the idea of him that I get on screen is the same with what he is in real life. But surely it is a new experience to go through and I will thoroughly enjoy it.

Also planning vacation. I wish I was able to say I’ll take mom out this year as well, but unfortunately it may not happen. And I feel awful about it. I want to spend a little over two weeks in the States and that would bleed me dry of finances so other things must be sacrificed. Sadly enough that sacrifice is on mom. I still hold hope thought to find a way and make things happen. Never say never.

And yes. I plan on getting a tattoo. I have a thing with my hands. I want to have one on which and I have found what I want. Now I just need to find the right people to do them. I know there is an ongoing debate about tattoos and keeping to the natural beauty of your body. I know that some people perceive them as something fake or stupid even. Or even worse: a fashion. Well, I don’t know about other people, but for me tattoos are not fashion. I always wanted a tattoo of one kind and that has never changed. I believe that when done for the right reason, every tattoo means something to the person wearing it and that’s what counts. After all they brand their own skin, not someone else’s so we shouldn’t even care. People say “don’t have them in places that are visible because you have a job and it’s not professional.” Well, last time I checked I wasn’t thinking with my hands, but with my brain, but that’s just me. Maybe they consider tattoos rude. But so do I consider rude those people who pass judgment on others so I guess we’re even.  

Well, this should be it for now. See, so little and then again so much but I’m probably not appreciating it fairly. I hope at least your spring has come and gone at a much lighter step than mine. Regardless, always try to keep a smile going, even when on your knees. Which by the way, being on your knees doesn’t always mean you’re crawling. Sometimes you’re just wresting.

Ok. Time to return to my weekend thoughts. I already feel lazy and what a wonderful feeling that is! I suggest you guys do the same.



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