Monday, May 12, 2014

The Momoa Encounter!

Sunday, May 11, 8:30AM

*** May I also add this literally comes as an early gift for my Bday considering it’s a month away. Yeah. I like to look at it that way. Yes.

So, Mela wakes up. At 5:00AM actually because Grasu insisted on playing with his toys and I was so damn pissed. I know he feels “released” once he poops but he can spend all that good energy in going back to sleep, once the load has been taken off. Or snore, or purr, or whatever else he likes doing other than playing. But no. He decides a good chasing after his rats at 5:00AM is absolutely in order. So I too have to chase him around the house to calm his ass down. I finally manage to get some more sleep – which is a miracle, because once I’m up, well, I’m up and there’s no going back!

8:30AM I wake up and I decide I need to finish whatever I need to finish before I leave to Romexpo. But I hardly ever stick to plans and so I end up doing my Jillian Michaels work out at about 10:00AM which means that by 11 I also had breakfast and I can now clean the house a bit, take a shower and get ready. I knew I had to be out of the house by 1:00 because I had to walk from Aviatorilor to Romexpo. And I still couldn’t decide whether to go for the high heel sandals or flats. Eventually I took the high heels, but I threw the flats in my bag as well – which was like the best most brilliant idea I had yesterday! Haha.
My tribal earrings. I bought them thinking of Khal Drogo haha. Too long for the usual wear but soooo sexy! :)

All good, I take the shower, I put the makeup on, can’t find my keys, I check a million times to make sure I have the ticket. By the time I’m done with finding my lipstick, my sub card, my sun glasses I’m already late. I walk calmly though because my backup plan of changing to the flats and make a run for it from the sub seems bullet proof. I realize I will be about 10 minutes late, but that is literally nothing when it comes to me. By the time I reach Piata Unirii, I sit next to this lady and take my shoes off and I know she’s watching very carefully. Then I take my flats out of the bag and I can tell from her face she was wondering how the hell did that fit in there! Haha I make the switch then I jump on the sub. Very important that I remember to get off at the right stop. I know I can mess that one up too!
I’m out and into the street. SO HOT outside! So friggin’ hot! Herastrau is full with people and walking down the sidewalk to Arcul de Triumf proves to be a challenge among people and kids and bicycles. As I pass the big roundabout I finally get some shade from the trees so I can take my aviator sun glasses off  and enjoy the afternoon. I have a lively pace, growing more excited as I get closer to my destination. As I walk, I keep my eyes on the clock. I’m supposed to be there 15 minutes before the actual autograph session begins so I go through security check in and stuff. Obviously, that’s not gonna happen as it is 2:50PM.

I’m thinking. I have to come up with a new theory of why I am always late when it matters most. Always late when meeting my best dearest friends, always late when meeting with mom, I was late even at my own wedding, I could say always late at work but I always work hard on that (and I compensate by leaving last all the friggin time!). And now late at my friggin’ date with Jason Momoa. I mean, he fucking counts ladies and gents. But I’m late. So I’m thinking I’m only late when it comes to the people I care. So if I’m late, then I care. If I’m on time, then that’s strictly business and professional and I need to make a good impression. Therefore, I don’t care. I shared my theory with Adinut that evening and she found it absolutely adorable. I also think it’s true. But more about that later. Let’s go back to 2:50PM.

I pass the Pullman hotel where he is staying and I walk the long way to Rompexpo. Literally long way! He is in Gaming Hall C6, which of course, has to be in the farthest corner of the damn thing, because why should things ever be easy for Mela?! The sun is so strong! People, you don’t understand, it was so hot I was dying. My sun glasses kept slipping down my nose from the sweat, my bag had by that time started weighing a tone, my hair looked like I had just put half of bottle of mousse in it, going down with the weight. Yet, I remain positive as I am feet away from the man himself. I find the entrance for C6 when a guy drinking beer, extremely relaxed, tells me they had turned that entrance into an exit and that I need to turn around the corner and go through there. I sigh. But I’m not mad yet. Shit happens you know. I find the other entrance. My eyes on the clock. 3:05PM. Five minutes late. Not too shabby. A bunch of people from the organization team are there so in my head I think this is the security check in. I pull my ticket out ready to push through the doors and into the coolness of the air conditioning inside. But alas! The girl takes a look at my ticket and says, you need a bracelet so you have to go through check in. What the fuck are you then? She points at some sort of metal fence where a few people are bulked in like cattle lined up to be slaughtered. Seriously?! I go again – through the damn sun! – across that big ass yard and get in line with the other victims. I finally get there. This girl looks at my ticket and says “And the other ticket?” What other ticket I ask. The one for general access. Yeah, but I don’t want general access. I don’t want whatever you people have. I want him! And my finger almost runs through the ticket as I point at his name. So where is he? Yes, but you can’t access him without a general entrance ticket. You gotta be fucking kidding me! I thought these were two different things! No, I’m sorry. Ok where the hell can I buy this ticket and how much is it (a pretty much rhetorical question because I would have paid whatever considering I was feet away from Momoa, I wasn’t gonna waste the opportunity!). About 30 Lei and you can buy it from that booth. Half away through the goddamn yard again.
I go there. A guy sitting very calmly in this utterly communist tin cabin with a bunch of cash on his left and some tickets to his right. From the looks of it I know I’m already doomed. Like my brain already knows it but I dare to hope because otherwise I am so fucked. “Can I pay by card?” “No.” I die. I fucking die. WHAT?!?! I mean I knew it, cause the POS wasn’t there, but COME ON!!!! People!!!! You have about 1,200 people here on a daily basis for the past three days and you don’t have a damn POS for people to pay for their tickets? Really? Ok ok. Where is the ATM? There is no ATM in Romexpo.

I could grab a pencil and make a self portrait. It would be a half terrified half pissed and half murderous face of Mela at 3:15PM, yesterday. A lot of halves and all applicable as I was in horror to how late I was. So where is an ATM? Back at the Pullman. I lash at the guy’s throat. Literally. I could’ve stuck my hand through the little opening in the window and grab him by the hair then hit him against the window. But I don’t. Because I don’t want to be arrested and lose my chance to see Momoa. I bitch at him with all my might though. I had researched over and over again on forums and website and stuff on how this whole full panel and entrance things works. And everyone was confused with it. So don’t give me this shit with a general entrance fee after I bought a full ticket and have registered online with confirmed seat and all. But I had forgotten this small thing about the conference being organized in Romania where anything and everything is possible.

So… Run Lolla, Run! Thank you Lord for my hours at the gym and hours spent doing cardio because I ran, ran to save my life back to the Pullman, through that heat and found an ATM. That wasn’t WORKING! I had turned incoherent in my speech, thirsty as all hell and pretty much the image of a desperate scarecrow by that point. This security guy comes out and tries to guide the brain mutilated me to a different ATM but I am hallucinating and can't make sense of what the hell he’s saying. He comes and points at it, I finally go in and withdraw all the cash I think I need, just in case some other bitch thinks I need to pay for more crap. Then the race is on to get back. It’s 3:30PM. I jump across the parking lot, fly through the little gates and down the alley. Forest Gump has nothing on me!!!!!!!!! I make it to the ticket booth, I get my other ticket and then through the cattle fence, get my wrist band, then to the C6 entry and I’m in. 3:40PM. I am 40 minutes late. That’s a record even for me. And I thought it would be proper for me to break it on this day. Goddamn it. It wasn’t my fault. Well, partially. But damn it!

Nothing else matters though. Now I am inside. And there is no sign whatsoever where Momoa is at. And we’re talking a huge gaming hall. From the looks of it, I can’t tell who is from organization, who is vendors, who is participants and what the hell is going on. I spend another 5 minutes running in the exact opposite direction, as I later discovered. Finally I grab a guy with a badge around his neck and I force him to tell me something relevant. He points the other way and I spring forth, I take the curve as if I was haunted by wild dogs and I stop abruptly when, with the corner of my little eye, I see this big figure in the farther corner of the stand I had just past. Shit! Wait! That’s him! I come to a sudden halt. The last two girls are moving out, one of them going literally backwards just to keep looking at him and thank him profusely for the autograph and whatnot. God all mighty, I made it! And he’s still there!

Then I see this large space of ropes and stuff meant to guide the crowd into a more organized formation, literally obstructing the way to him. There’s no way I can pass through that and go straight to him, unless I go up and down and up and down a thousand times until I reach him. Oh, fuck my life! The music is loud from the gaming area and he’s as far from me as he can be. A girl shows up and says “We gotta be at the Pullman in 15 minutes.” I heard her loud and clear. Nooooo!!! Mela do something, he’s leaving! So I stretch my one free arm and yell from across the space “STAY!” and I point at him and the chair behind him just as he’s getting up to leave. And he fucking hears me. He looks at me with a grin, raises his hands in surrender and sits back down. Damn right! I didn’t go through all this hell for you to leave! And I start to do the snake dance around all those ropes when a girl cuts my way and I want to knock her down and out of my way cause I’m on a damn mission! But she politely asks me for my name. I can’t think straight. Why do you need my name? He can have it. You don’t need it! She says: for the autograph. Ah, ok. You can have it then. I say: Mela. Plane and simple. “With double “l”? What? I glance at what she’s writing and she is writing Bella!!!! Fucking …! NO! Mela as in M from Momoa! And no double anything thank you! God damn Twilight chasing me everywhere! She writes it down, I grab a picture on the way (Khal Drogo vs Conan hmmm Khal damn it! Hahaha). Another girl takes the ticket with my name on it and gives it to him. He’s busy clearing the table so he doesn’t look up to me. But I don’t really care because there is this fan behind him and the cool breeze hits me in the face and I am in heaven. Somehow I can acknowledge that this is the first time this man lays eyes on me and I probably look like a boiled fucking lobster, disheveled, make up running down my cheeks, clothes hanging off my shoulders, the bag in my arms and the most idiotic crooked smile ever. But I am so pissed and it’s not going away easily so even if I mentally recognize the un-sexy image I am displaying, I am too pissed to care right now.
So this is basically how I saw him for the first time. The fan was behind him. That's the girl passing him the notes with the names. I didn't take this picture. Because there was no time. Because there was no one left haha So I snatched it off the internet :)
This is me right after that girl asked for my name :)))) I snaped a picture as I was moving in, that's why half of my head is missing hahaha
“Soo…” he looks at the note. “Mela…” He finally looks at me. But Mela is busy following the fan behind him to enjoy the breeze. “What are you doing?” “Man you don’t understand. I am so friggin' hot.” Yeah. Those are my first words to Jason Momoa. Pretty good choice I’d say. Even though the way I looked was anything but hot. Hahaha I felt that way though. “I had the ride from hell to get here. I need that fan!” He still looks at me as if I’m damn crazy – understandable! – than laughs and says “The fan behind me?” “Yesss!” So he moves aside to let the fan come through and I open my arms, close my eyes and welcome the breeze. Thank you!!!! “Better?” “Yes! Thank you!” “So, Mela…” (He has the deepest most hoarse low voice ever, that horrible man! Stop saying my name, you’re killing me! My brain stores that shit and feeds on it and it’s not healthy!) “Are you coming to the panel, or after the ride from hell, you’re gonna give up on me?” “Boy please!” I laugh, finally coming around a bit after the heat/marathon madness from 10 minutes before. “Just because I went through hell, I’m not gonna give up now.” I realize my hands are shaking as I reach for the photo. Part from the running, part from the exctiment. “You have questions for me.” “Indeed I do.” “You want to ask me now?” “And exhaust the list?” He laughs. “How much time do you have?” I look at my watch as if time ever made a difference for me haha. “We gotta be back at the Pullman at 4:15. So you should go.” “Yep. See you there then!”
I took this one at the Pullman, in the bathroom, before the panel. The only friggin quiet place in there! haha
And then. Then he slowly gets up and if the sun were behind him he would have shadowed it with how tall he is. Lifts his arms up and he bends over the table and somehow I pick up on what he’s trying to do and lean forward myself. He friggin’ wants to high five with me! Hahaha And he does! That huge palm landed right on mine, hugest palm and warmest skin I’ve felt  in a while. It lasted a few seconds, but my brain, like the bitch that it is, records everything to the minutest details. It sucks to be me sometimes! As I am walking away, somehow I realize I touched him, when I thought I’d only touch him when taking the picture and I’m like hell, I’m not washing my hand for a week now! Hahaha. Anyway. I’m out in the sun but the day looks brighter already, if that’s even possible with how hot it still was.

I get to the Pullman and I get one of those outrageously expensive flat water bottles they sell in hotels. But I am so thirsty and hell if I’m going out there again! I take a few more pictures then I go upstairs and wait for the panel to start. We’re all lined up as we’re waiting to get in when he shows up out of the blue to bring his beer. “People, officially I am not here! I just came to bring my beer ok! Pretend I’m not here!” What a goofball. He passes me by and I realize the sheer height of this man. I though big muscular guys give the optical illusion of being shorter. Not applicable with this guy. He’s just a big tall guy. Handsome as all fucking hell. Disappointingly handsome. I could have lived to know that in reality he doesn’t look that good. But no. He is gorgeous. Oh well. In another life perhaps. We go in and I take third row because first two are the VIP people.

The panel starts and I could spend the next five pages to tell you some of the stuff he said. I will mention a few, but the fun was not necessarily in what he said but in the way he said. It has been a long while since I’ve laughed so wholeheartedly for a whole hour like I did now. He said he is a meat eater, but he will take bell peppers and mushrooms if you want to feed him veggies. He loves beer, that’s all he drinks mostly and Guinness is his favorite beer. He hated to know that Khal Drogo dies in the puny manner he did and he bought all the books just to make sure the screenwriter didn’t get shit wrong when he wrote the script. One of the weirdest moments when filming Game of Thrones was sitting naked on a set with like 50 people around, in Belfast where it was so cold. And he decided he was going to wear a pink fluffy sock over his manhood and go around the set that way calling people perverts for looking at it. His co-star Amelia laughed at it so hard they delayed filming cause she couldn’t stop. A Russian fan, huge fellow, as he said “I was a pussy next to that guy, he was ten times more manly!” told him that he hopes in real life he is like Khal Drogo cause he has a poster of Khal at home. Khal is his mentor! And he freaked out! He has an IPhone 5 with a an outregeously pink cover on the sides, black on the back with white dots. How can a man so large have that cover on his phone? haha He has no email address, no Facebook. He has a Pride of Gypsies FB page where he posted some of the stuff he did here in Romania. He spoke of his movie Road to Paloma and how he made it and his up coming TV show. People asked decent questions, fun questions and he answered them all in a very fun truthful and mindful way. 

NOTE: To give you a glimpse into the details, take a look at this link. He was literally doing that all the time: running his hand through his hair, standing up, immitating, laughing, falling back in his chair a million times, making funny faces.

The damn phone cover haha

Of course, there was one or two girls out there who really felt the need to stand out. I felt I was gonna vomit on the girl sitting next to me when I heard them. They would start on that meow voice only a cat in heat would come up with “Hello Jason!” Oh fuck me! Hahaha “So, who fell in love first, you or your wife?” What kind of stupid ass question is that?!? He didn’t even get it. Eventually he said he liked his wife from the moment he saw her (DUH!!!!). A very polite answer to a friggin’ awkward question. Another one starts with “You are such a naughty boy!” Excuse me?! Hahaha And the cherry on the cake came last from this chick. (note: I had stood up at that point to go ask my question when this girl took over and blew my chance. Not that I regret it cause it was a lot of fun to sit and listen!). “Hi Jason. So, I am an actress myself!" – nooooooooo!!! Really?! She had it coming! Like seriously! This is not the right time to try to sell yourself in public. Of course he snapped an answer that only the bright minds in the room understood. Which, I am going to be horribly mean, but once she asked such a question she probably was not one of the bright minds! – he said “You look like an actress sweetheart!” But the tone in his voice hahaha. Indescribable! She goes on “What advice do you have for me and my career?” I almost took this girl’s helmet again, sitting next to me, to throw up in it, it just made me sick to the stomach. Panels like these are meant to be fun, commercial and light. Don’t step in with that kind of question. Especially with young Leo Momoa. His irony will bite you in the ass. So the panel is over finally and the crowd moves out with him staying behind.

I had turned my internet off because it was eating the battery to my phone so I quickly take advantage and turn it on to do some updates on FB. So I am slowly walking through the corridor, typing stuff when he passes me by – and people this is where I felt so damn special haha – he passes me by and grabs my elbow. “You didn’t ask me the question.” I am laughing in my head! But because I had past my crazy fan girl moment due to my earlier madness, I act much cooler than expected. “Ah, I couldn’t possibly do better than the actress.” He starts laughing finishing his beer as we go down the corridor. “So you really filmed the movie using such a small camera?” A question related to some of the technical things he mentioned during the panel. Honestly, I’m not sure how I kept up with him and his big steps. He was probably walking slower. “Yeah. It’s really cool. You can move around easier and don’t need all the equipment for fixed cameras.” I say “I used small cameras to film a documentary for my NGO and it turned out pretty good quality wise” “It’s better for budget too.” “Yes.” We reach the lobby in the hotel. One of his people catches up with us and asks him what he wants to do. He says he’s gonna grab whatever leftovers of food are in his room, use the rest room and then go back to the Gaming Hall for the photo shoot. I am already walking towards the exit when he turns towards me and shouts “I’ll see you at the photo op!” I smile and wave bye as I walk out.

Why, damn! Hahaha I walk the whole way with a grin on my face. That was unexpected. Or simply a coincidence. Or him being just a super really nice guy. But it was me and about 100 other people in that room, all walking in the same direction, but he picked me. Haha. If any of you have a different theory other than me plainly being special and/or that he remembered me from the autograph session shouting at him to stay and let me use his fan – you can forget about it! Because I will stick to my theory ok? Hahaha

Back to the hell whole they call Romexpo and there’s a huge queue of people waiting to take a picture with him. Meanwhile I have become Comic-On pals with this nice girl Iliana who had missed her autograph session so now she doesn’t know what to do. I advise her to ask Jason for an autograph when she takes the picture. I was sure he will give her that chance once he was done. As we get into the room where they are taking the pictures, they tell me the printer died and they can’t print the pictures anymore but they will put them up on the website and send them by email so I have to write my contact details down as we wait. He is so loud and laughing and joyful, I can hear him from across the panel separating us. As I come in, I see most of these girls trying to pose red carpet style. Butt sticking out, nice smile, facing the camera, hand placed strategically somewhere on his chest/abs. And I’m thinking, damn. Then this girl says I have to give her my bag and I’ll retrieve it after I take the picture. No way woman! I have my phone and keys to the house, ID and wallet in there! Plus my damn autograph that I managed to take at the cost of my own sweat and blood! Forget it! But she insists. I say you have a tone of people here and virtually no security and you just want me to leave my bag on a table and go calmly on my way? Not gonna happen. So I continue arguing with her. Iliana goes ahead and takes her picture. She has to take another one cause she closed her eyes haha. 
Here is Iliana taking her second photo still holding on to an envelope thinking she might get his autograph on that if they had run out of pictures. Eventually we found a Khal Drogo photo and she was able to take a decent autograph from him :) Next in line: trouble maker, grin-faced Mela.
The argument continues. Jason is left waiting for the next person to come in, which happens to be me. But I am busy! I glance over my shoulder and I see him turning around to face me and he spreads his arms and I swear to God he looks like a predator bird from the Bronze Age (not the most romantic description I know!) but he is so damn big and I can see him more than hearing him saying “what the fuck’s going on now?” Call me trouble maker boy, cause that’s my middle name for today. I look at him and basically whisper (saying  it out loud would have been useless, music too loud, so he had literally read my lips!) “My fucking bag! I don’t want to give it away!” And I lift the bag up, in total wonder. He looks at me and says, louder this time “Just fuckin’ drop it!” And I found that idea to be reavealing and marvelous. I didn’t even look at the girl arguing with me. I literally just dropped it to the floor, very pleased with my insubordination then turned to face him, happy and grinning. Problem solved. His arms open again and it’s like the gates of heaven opening for me, God damn it. I do the same! How else can you welcome heaven if not with open arms?! I take a step forward out of the two that were separating us when I hear him say as he leans back a bit: “Now come here baby!” Bag. Keys. Phone. ID. What?!?! What?! I don’t CAREEE! I literally take the second step and wrap myself around him and my face gets buried in his chest. There is no other way to describe it. And he literally wraps me in his arms. What red carpet shit? What one hand slightly posed on his muscles? Nooo… I need a bear hug, climb this man like a damn tree, that’s what I need. Somehow I hear the photographer asking us to look his way and I feel his head turn but I don’t look up, cause I don’t care, cause his chest makes me happy enough, I don’t need to see his face at this point. Hahaha. I turn my had too but I have this distinct feeling that half of my face is still buried in his pecs so I am literally curious to see what you can see off it in the picture haha. Or me as a whole as a matter of fact considering those arms around my shoulders. He could’ve as well wrapped them around my head, I don’t really remember. Hahaha. Then I let go and miraculously I spot my bag on a table across the room, but that literally is of no concern to me right now. We’re still sort of holding together in a hug and he laughs and says “You still didn’t ask me the question.” Oh fuck my life, is not such an important question! Haha. I say “Next year, in the US most likely!” He nods and smiles, letting go. “Next year then!” I leave.

How could I leave? I mean how did I do it? Haha. But I did. And I waited with Iliana until he finished for her to also get her autograph. He signed her card as well. As the both of us left the complex, she pulls out a pack of cigarettes and asks me if I smoke. I say “Normally no. But right now I could.” I light the cigarette and I burn my thumb because of the wind blowing the flame on my skin. Fuck it. I inhale calmly and slowly. Iliana looks at me with a smile doing the same. “This feels like the after sex cigarette.” We both laugh as we enter the Game of Thrones gaming hall to check things out, now that we also paid for a general entrance ticket. I look for Loki stuff. They told me it’s one of the best sold items so they are out of whatever things they had with him. Damn it. I buy a pair of earrings though. I can always use a pair of earrings in my life. I leave Iliana behind to go home.

Adinut calls me and she happens to be very close to where I am and she picks me and my derailed mind and gets me to a restaurant nearby and God knows I needed the water and the food. I had nothing other than breakfast the whole day. I tell her all about it and she is happy to see me in such high retard idiotic mood with that permanent grin on my face. I finally get on the sub and Emily is in the airport getting back to Brussels. I chat with her until my battery dies. She’s such an idiot, making fun of my “me being so special” theory. But she knows just how special I am! Haha. I get home and I am totally busted! So exhausted! Shower, three apples and the day is over for Mela.

What else is there to say? I still am in dreamy/grin on my face state. It’s good to be me after all I guess haha.
Well, I hope this puts a smile on your faces on a Monday. As for me. Back to work (my brain just went what?!?!). haha.

Mela the Special One 


 May 14, 2014. And I got the picture people. 
So this is El Gran Finale!

Much more decent than I had initially anticipated. At some point it seems I let go of him to turn around for the picture. When I really need to remember details my mind fails. But I can understand it. The pressure of too many details at once. My brain got confused and shut down saying "just enjoy it idiot!" haha. So here it is. Absolutely gorgeous. It shocked me. I guess part from the realization in itself, that I was there. That it happened and now it's finally sinking in. Plus as Adinut said: nothing is really impossible. One day you dream of this guy and he seems so out of reach. Next moment you take an awesome picture with him and he surprises you with his attention. 
Life is a wonder. Never take it for granted.

And yes. You guessed it. I can't get enough of it!
Partially also due to everyone's reaction and awesome comments and the endless fun I'm having with this. Thanks everyone! You're turning this adventure into something more than just a Hollywood/wild fan experience. It's damn ecstatic! Without mentioning that the picture got shared by Jason Momoa Addict, so on top of the 120 likes I got, it was shared by other fans and liked on his wall another 60 times or so. It's friggin' hilarious to me, because at the end of the day, beyond this picture, there is my memory of that day and it is a wonderful one. And I hope through this blog I managed to share it with you, the best way I could. 
!!! MUAH !!!

And to top it all off hahaha....

Cause I rule his world. In jeans and sneakers haha

OK. I'm adding a PS to this. Considering I did not take as many pictures as expected as I was more interested to have fun haha, here are some of the pictures he posted from Romania :) Enjoy!

When he visited Bran. These are guys from his team. He surfs with the guy from the left side and also he was the one helping with building up his body for Conan. The other guy is the one who filmed Road to Paloma.
That's him in the airport on his way to Romania. He was complaining about the shitty beer haha
This is him leaving the States to come here. 
His wild Friday night out in Lipscani
Any Hawaiian/American goes to Bran right? haha

I'm glad someone took some really nice damn pictures of him just so I can stare some more hahaha

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