Thursday, August 8, 2013

Impossible Avenues - Sample

So here is a sample of a story that I started writing long ago. But like any piece of writing, every now and then, you get disconnected from it, the passion and interest dies and you set it aside for when the fire is revived. So I'm trying to get back on it. I've done quite some research on this and I have notes everywhere on how things work from a medical/technical point of view. There's a real challenge in building a vampire in modern times that can be clinically alive yet dead at the same time. But it's coming together nicely and despite the slight taste of surreal - that any vampire story should have - my undead look pretty "human". All I'm left to say is that I thoroughly enjoy the plot; I complicated things quite a bit (hehe) which I think was also one of the reasons why I stopped writing at some point. I had tangled things way too much and had lost track of the solution on how to untangle them. But time is always the cure to the lack of inspiration and this story is now back on my To Do list. So enjoy this little sample, if it's your kind of genre to read! MUAH
Acheron parked in front of the old villa. He looked up at the 4th floor. No movement and no lights were on. Of course. It was passed 1AM. He knew the entrance door to the villa was closed automatically so he didn’t even try. He focused and his body shifted forward at speed light. One leg on the fence another on the edge of the 1st floor balcony and then again the left leg up the base of another balcony and then with both hands he pushed his body over her balcony. He looked down to make sure no one has witnessed his little circus exhibition. It took him about 5 seconds to climb up 4 stories to her balcony. He turned towards the sliding glass doors. They were locked. His eyes shifted to the kitchen window. It was barely open. With a quick jump he was standing crouched on the sill making his way inside. The artificial street light was powerful enough to show him inside the apartment. The kitchen was rather small, but very neat. His eyes could perceive the colors in the dark already imagining how it would look in the day light. There were little things everywhere adding to the charm of the little room. Notes on the fridge. He read them all in an instant. She was a funny woman! Leaving messages to herself and calling herself names for forgetting to read them! He smiled picturing her face with despair and disappointment.
            He moved out of the kitchen and into the bathroom. Also small. Blue and green with yellow flowers. A very sweet, almost tasteful smell invaded his nostrils urging him to leave the bathroom rapidly. The living room was the only big room so far. Pretty good technology, not the best, but she had a good set of electronic devices attached to a big LTD, a good sound system and a wonderful collection of movies. He admired her taste. Like in the two other rooms, the furniture was scarce and lightly built, in warm colors of white and cream, green and red. She had put together a small office in one of the corners and stacked a dozen files in a small closet near by. The office look was smoothened by flowers everywhere. The same sweet perfume persisted. It had already taken over his senses completely and he fought with the urge of sniffing more in. He saw the door to the bedroom and stopped to think twice whether he was ready to step inside. He then slowly pushed the door aside. Light blue and white and flowers everywhere. Peace and quiet, and warmth; and that perfume. His sight gazed upon her sleeping. His eyes turned blue, the deepest most pure blue of them all. It was like a night vision to him and an alarm signal warning him not to get any closer to a potential victim.
            But she wasn’t a victim. She was simply a perfume bottle. He could see that intoxicating smell rising from her body in colors of white and yellow and red and green. A rainbow of colors. Selene twisted in her sleep and her aura shifted colors to mauve and deep green. She was dreaming. Most likely with vampires. He could see it in her energy discharge that she was handling the hidden truth. Acheron leaned against the window frame and watched carefully. Her lips parted as she twisted one more time. It was like she was trying to pronounce something. Her aura darkened further. The eyelids flickered continuously and Acheron found it hard to stay put and not comfort her. It’s not comfort she needs he argued to himself. She needs to calm down and keep that truth hidden. That’s why he was here right? To make her keep that truth she discovered deep inside away from her awareness. She need not let the truth surface.
            Acheron approached her bed. He leaned over and pressed his open palm on her forehead. She was burning and the impact with his stone cold hand made both of them halt abruptly. Acheron lost his breath and Selene’s aura turned to bright yellow as her heart raced pushing forcefully the blood through the pumping veins. He heard it coming, climbing up her shoulder and through her throat, behind the ear and into the temples, pulsating underneath his skin and it became an unbearable touch. His pupils formed a dark ring of desire; his gums pulled backwards releasing the sharp fangs from their fleshy sheath. He resisted, tightening his lips together as much as he could. Her aura slowly turned white, floating around her like a sphere of glowing powder. She had somehow sensed his effort and relaxed to help the blood rush slow down and help him resist. Acheron could not understand how she managed to sense his struggle. Humans and vampires were not spiritually connected because vampires had no soul. And he did not believe in coincidences. Her energy release fascinated him, calmed him down. He felt the pain in his gums dilute.
“Ash…” Acheron froze instantaneously and watched her in disbelief. Her eyes were still closed. She was still asleep. But he heard it as clear as an atomic blast; she spoke his name. Ash was how his mother used to call him, Ash is what his closest friends called him, vampires almost as old as him. Ash is something no human has ever heard and yet, here he was with this strange girl calling him by this name while asleep. Her lips rested. She seemed to be sound asleep. Acheron kneeled at her bed side. If he could sweat, he would have at that very moment.
            Her aura was still there above their heads floating restless. Transparent and treacherous. The truth had never left her mind, actually it was more powerful now. His presence had only made it worse and somehow he did not feel uncomfortable with it. He rested his hand close to hers. He observed them closely. He wouldn’t touch it. Enough harm done for one night. Ash… the tone of her voice kept ringing in his ear; soothing, deep and irresistibly appealing. He felt this pulsation in his groin and if his heart weren’t dead he would have sworn to have felt a heart beat. No fight no matter how intense, no physical effort no matter how demanding and no woman, vampire or human, has made him feel this way. It was unique and unrecognizable to him. He was aroused and it felt like the most stupid thing ever to happen to him. He had not tasted her blood, had barely touched her, had only called her name once and there he was, aroused and behaving like an adolescent. He smiled at the warmth he felt coming up his spine, merging into the back of his brain making him numb and a bit dizzy. That was the most awkward and out of this world sensation he had ever experienced. Vampires don’t get dizzy with anything, they are always focused, even if they could get high on drugs or stone faced drunk their senses would still automatically connect to anything moving around them. Yet he felt soft and relaxed. How could this be?
            He went up and left the bedroom. In the door step he turned around to take one more look at her. She and her aura were beautiful. He had not noticed how delicate she actually was, she acted so feisty all the time. A delicate tomboy.
            A sudden noise and the huge ceramics vase next to the door fell to the floor. Time stopped as Acheron reached for it and caught it seconds before it touched the ground. Behind him the waves of his movement made the air tremble. He lifted the vase and as he stood up he saw her, eyes wide open staring at him. Instinctively he withdrew into hyperspace and disappeared before she could even blink. From outside the balcony he glimpsed rapidly towards the bedroom. His sharp senses didn’t get any movement. He jumped and landed next to the car. He got in and without starting the engine he pushed the car effortlessly up the road trying to keep his movements as silent as possible. Soon he got lost in the dark and from afar you could hear the engine running.
            Upstairs Selene continued staring at the dark. Her body was cold and motionless. She looked at the vase, turning her head right and left, checking whether she was dreaming and that vase was still standing. She saw it fall. She heard it fall. And before it had fallen it was back standing. And he was there. Acheron, he was there, next to that vase. And now he wasn’t. But she did see him! She wasn’t crazy! And she wasn’t sleepwalking either! She had her eyes wide open and he was there, dressed in black, with his pale face and spearing eyes, looking like a predator. And then he was gone, leaving a shadow behind him like a trace in time of his presence.

            She dropped on the bed sheets. Was she losing her mind? She should’ve checked the windows and doors to see whether anything was open. But somehow she knew it would be of no use. He didn’t use any of them. Why was she thinking that?! The man is not a vampire and he wasn’t there, it was all in her head. That book; she should have never taken the job! It was too personal and close to her secret desires and foolish dreams. And she didn’t have the time for this. She felt cold and pulled the covers up her shoulders. Still… his image in the door step persisted. Her eyes flickered beneath the closed eyelids. “Let go…” she didn’t know whether the words came from within her mind or someone else had spoken them. Hours passed by. She found it hard to fall asleep. Dawn was cracking in the horizon when she finally drifted into an agitated dreamless sleep. 

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