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Submission Unconquerable Love. Love conquers all - Sample

Sooo, it's another Monday morning. How lovely! Well, have a good one everyone - if possible! :)

Here is another sample of one of the shorter stories I wrote a while ago and that was quite successful with my online fans. It was inspired off the “Blood on sand” TV series, but then again I am always a sucker for history, anything from Achilles onward to Attila and the Gladiators do the trick for me. 

Defining the word "inspired" means I have borrowed the time when the action happens and the location. The characters pretty much, and especially the action are all mine. I would be too bored spending time to re-create the same scenario as in the TV series haha Plus I am more excited by my own thing than the others’.

So this was a hit with the readers out there so hope you enjoy it. I for one, saw just the first season of the series because once I realized I liked it, I stopped watching it so I don't get too influenced by it in my writing. So, have fun and enjoy this first autumn lovely, perfect whether week J That’s a lot of adjectives right there!                             MUAH / Mela

That morning Lucius blamed the swollen eyes and pale face his daughter had on the sleepless night due to the fever and the sickness. Fortunately he could not see inside her. She was a city in ruins, collapsing piece by piece. She had braced herself for what was to come that night. She would think of him at all times, when Linas will have her. She will close her eyes tight and imagine Spartacus, his body, his hands, his lips. No! He will not let him kiss her and take away his touch, his smell off her body! She will save only Spartacus within herself and hope his seed would flourish and give her a reason to go on. She looked fierce and destroyed as she sat down behind her father at the games.
            In the underground Cassius prepared the men for the daily life struggle. Spartacus never left his room. He did not encourage the men like he usually did. He did not seek for armory or weapons. He was silent and absent minded. Or so it seemed. Cassius came to see him bringing his sword and a stronger armor.
“You know I never wear heavy armors.”
“You will this time!” But Spartacus pushed it aside. Cassius pushed it back into his face.
“Today… it’s not a game! Those men were sent to kill you not to play with you!”
“I will die one day but today is not that day my friend!” he patted his seer on the shoulder.
“Take the armor Spartacus! You haven’t seen those men! They are no garrison soldiers. These are mercenaries from the empire boarders! Ruthless men with no God!”
Spartacus sighed as he moved out the door. He grabbed the armor on the way inspecting it.
“If you want to give your Domina a chance to see you again you’ll do as I say.”
Spartacus turned to look Cassius in the eye.
“Oh, she will see me again. Sooner than you think.” Cassius felt a cold shiver down his spine.
“Don’t try anything stupid! It will cost both your lives!”
“You know me better than that by now Cassius!” Did he? Spartacus put the armor on and grabbed his sword. Rome thought it’d seen it all, but after today the whole Empire will know what a prisoner can do to win his freedom.
            The battles were on and the other gladiators put on quite an orchestrated show. But the crowds were waiting for him. By mid day the tension was so high that not even Lucius himself, who had witnessed hundreds of battles, had the patience to wait anymore. But the fight must not be rushed. Finally the moment came. Ten gorillas from the Eastern boarders of the Empire, the so called garrison soldiers entered the arena. Alessia trembled inside with such great fear as if she were standing alone to face them. And there he was, coming from the huge wooden doors; the Champion, Rome’s most popular hero, Spartacus, the Thracian himself, with nothing more than a sword in his hand. Alessia forced the tears out of her eyes blaming it on the rising dust. She watched him move in the arena, so silent and so beautiful and she felt proud to have been his. The sight of his body burnt her memories remembering how good that body felt on hers. She had to keep up appearances; she must keep a plain face and attitude. She hid behind the fan, fretting in the chair for people not to notice how hard her hands were shaking. Linas gave the thumb up for the battle to start and Spartacus braced himself for the first attack. The soldiers moved in circles around him like wolves trying to corner the pray. He rejected the initial attack but soon more followed. His agility was amazing, the way he moved, sprang and bent, avoiding blows coming from everywhere. In moments he slew one of the men by cutting his throat in one clean move. The rage swiped through his mates and they all ran into him trying to pin him against the wall. He managed to grab a shield and force two of them out of his way, but a third speared him in the left shoulder. Alessia halted any movement; even her breathing seemed to disappear and the sounds of the world seemed to fade away. She could not witness the death of this man. She could not witness the death of hope.  
            But before long he was back on his feet, grabbing weapon after weapon and fighting like a lion. Like they wanted him too. Like they expected him too. The soldiers plaid the game cheap and cheated on each occasion throwing dust in his eyes and kicking him when he was down. How his ribs must’ve taken blown after blow! Three left but he was barely standing, visibly affected by the cuts on his legs and the stab in his shoulder. A quick move, a bad timing and his opponent’s blade cut across his belly. Alessia screeched so hard she thought parts of her teeth would be falling out. But the cut didn’t seem deep. She’d seen men’s guts being spilt this way, limbs torn. She expected anything from such a fierce fight. The men pushed the battle towards her side of the arena and when she saw him from so close she was scared to get up and look fearing her legs would give up on her. He twisted and turned but made no sound. Linas was up clenching on his robe as he watched his men trying blindly to catch him. You could tell he was looking for the moment Spartacus would fall. He actually considered he was giving him the honor of dyeing dignifying, as a true gladiator. The dead do not care about honor! Alessia breathed again and things started spinning around her. The fan fell from her hand as she saw him turned towards the balcony to face them. He caught her gaze with his and pierced through her with such determination that she lost will to pretend something wasn’t happening.
            Lucius turned around to see what Spartacus was looking at, but the next moment he sprang forward and planted his sword deep in the soldier in front of him; ducking a desperate attack from the last man standing he dropped to his knees and turned the sword in his hand pointing the blade up and in a fraction of a second it disappeared under the man’s chin and reappeared on top of his head. The crowd was silence. For once there were no applauses, no cheers, no ovation. It took the strength of a bull to pierce through a man’s skull like that! Alessia fell back into her chair resisting the want to cry, realizing all the tension. Around her, the crows awoke and the arena’s walls barely supported the endless ovation and cheers. People were throwing their clothes, flowers, goods and even money at Spartacus as he stood upright facing the masses. Linas dropped in his chair too, trying to put up with the defeat. Lucius smiled, but his eyes betrayed how weary he was. Somehow he wished Spartacus had not won so Linas can have his victory. He wasn’t that stupid to not realize Linas wanted Spartacus down! But then again, secretly he felt good about his Champion proving himself once again! He was the image of the House of Batiatus!
            Lucius stood up raising his thumb, clearing Spartacus yet again, to live for another day. But Spartacus did not leave. He stood there waiting for the crowds to settle, and when they did he laid his sword on the ground and addressed his Dominus.
“My Dominus! Domina! Honnorable citizens of Rome! I have never addressed you before, but stay assured I have always appreciated your support. It has made me what I am!” People rumored through the seats. “I stand here before you asking for that one reward a Champion should be granted and that I have never asked for.” And he stared at Lucius with such piercing eyes that it made him back off in his chair. “Dominus, would you grant me that award?” Lucius took his time to make his voice hearable and gain strength to talk. He feared his wish.
“You have brought the House of Batiatus on the high hills of Rome, you have honored this old gladiator house with your incredible skills and tenacity. I could not refuse…” but in his mind he prayed.
Spartacus bowed to then rise again and speak.
“My Dominus, honor me beyond my wildest wishes and grant me a moment with your gracious daughter, My Domina. Alessia!
The scene was delicious. There was no word to describe the shock, amazement and panic on people’s faces. But out of all, Linas, Lucrecia and Lucius were beyond description. Lucius was too much of a merchant and seller to betray his fear and panic and kept his smile posing as he turned towards Alessia to read her reaction. She was motionless staring blankly down at Spartacus, already seeing how another gladiator will chop his head off for such an insolent never heard before request from a gladiator to his owner. Lucius realized she couldn’t have known of this as she looked puzzled beyond imagination, almost as much as he was. In the cellars Cassius grabbed the bars to the gates pulling on them forcefully. Was he insane?! What did he want to prove by challenging up front one of the most famous politicians and especially his owner! It could cost him his life in a spit! He asked for mercy and for understanding from the Gods to spare this man, for he had such a beautiful heart to perish this way; even for a good cause!
            Lucius turned towards Linas with the same stupid smile on his face. Linas was white with fury. But he stood up nonetheless and approached the railing looking down towards Spartacus. He muttered to Lucius.
“Say yes.” Lucius checked with him again to make sure he understood. “Say yes!!”
“As you know, Senator Linas is the husband to be of my daughter and such a request is very difficult to accept considering the situation. But as he is most understanding and supportive of the House of Batiatus he accepted to grant you a moment with Alessia.” It took a few more moments for the crowd to explode saluting the House of Batiatus, Lucius, Linas and Spartacus for an amazing Saturday.
            The chariots pulled in front of the house and when getting out Linas informed Lucius that he wanted a word with Spartacus in private before he met with Alessia. Lucius accepted but made sure that Cassius was with them so he prevents anything unexpected from happening. Lines rushed to the barracks.
            Spartacus was washing his wounds; Safran, his Gaulle friend was helping suture some of the cuts on his back. The moment Lucius stepped in, the room emptied leaving just the three of them.
“An impressive show you put on today. I thought I couldn’t have anymore surprises from you, but I guess I was wrong.”
“I am glad you enjoyed it Senator. This is what I am here for.”
“And you should always remember that Thracian! Now… about your moment with Alessia. I have thought about it. Don’t think I don’t know she is seeing you. Perhaps she has already given herself to you. But we will find that soon enough.” Spartacus looked him in the eye. He hadn’t seen such pure hate and raw evil in a long while. “I thought that because she likes you, as any stupid young girl would, I assume, and because I am her husband to be, we should share the joy of… spending a moment with her. I am quite sure you’ve been into this kind of reunions before, here in the house. Even Lucius has at least a few every week.”
Spartacus worried; his mind started searching for rapid solutions. He knew what Linas was talking about. Orgies. Smaller or bigger, it did not matter; they were common everywhere in Rome among the rich. The servants in the house were sexual slaves, hired only to assist their owners with the daily choires during the day and with their sexual fantasies at night. Alessia did not belong in such crowds.
            Spartacus roamed through the room gathering some cloths for his wound. He knew what Linas wanted; to make him have Alessia while he would watch. Or even worse, participate. He couldn’t have that; the thought alone drove him mad. He stopped in his tracks weighing the situation. Linas could make him watch while he possessed Alessia. That made him furious!
“What do you have in mind Senator?”
“You and I and Alessia. I will ask the servants to prepare a bath, a private chamber. We should give the Domina a relaxing environment. I believe you and I could make a good team, if we understand each other’s needs.”
“I need to have a moment, alone with her.”
“Don’t be selfish Champion! She is worth much more than your victories!”
“Very true! But I am not the selfish one. You will have her for the rest of your life, I will only share a moment.” Their eyes met and the tension flew up in the air.
“That is a very good point. I will have her every single day for the rest of my life… a rather boring thought, don’t you think? Gratefully, Rome is an open minded city and we can all indulge every now and then…” Spartacus thought it couldn’t be that bad if he killed him where he was standing. “This is the deal Champion! Take it or leave it!”
“I’ll take it. But you only get to watch!” Linas’ smile disappeared.
“Is this a threat?”
“It is a deal. Take it or leave it.”
“I could take my word back and you wouldn’t see her at all! Not now, not ever!”
“If that happens I will make sure Rome finds out the House of Batiatus is not as honorable as they believe it is, and if you care for its support, both Rome’s and Batiatus’, then you better not go back on your word Legatus.” Spartacus’ turn to smile as he sat down pressing on the spear wound in his shoulder. “Life is unfair. But with a small compromise, we make it better.”
            Linas mouth foamed with anger. He left the room almost knocking the door to the ground. Cassius watched him as he stormed in the house. He gave up wondering what would happen and just waited to see like everyone else. He wished not to find himself in the position where he had to choose to save one life or another if it got to that.
            The evening came faster for everyone. But especially for Alessia who did not know what to expect anymore. She dared to be happy at the thought of seeing Spartacus again, of spending even a minute with him. But the thought that Linas gave her up so easily made her restless. Alexa came in and told her the bath room was ready. She didn’t question her, even though she didn’t remember asking for a bath. She let Alexa get her ready; but when she stepped inside she almost took a leap back like someone who had just witnessed horror before her eyes. Linas was slowly trying the water on the edge of the pool dressed in nothing but a towel around his waist. She wanted to question him about his presence there but she refrained from being rude. She walked around the pool, moving in the opposite direction. Meanwhile they heard Cassius saluting Lucrecia on the hall way and her heart skipped a beat thinking Spartacus was with him. And sure enough the curtains pulled aside and he stepped in dragging his chains. He too wore just a towel. What is going on? Behind him and Cassius another soldier stepped in, in full armor, with a whip in his hand. Alessia whitened. If she had feared something, it was being taken by Linas. But being taken by Linas in front of Spartacus was something she could not imagine. She’d rather drown in that pool than being humiliated this way! Cassius took the chains off Spartacus and before leaving the room gave him a look that Spartacus grasped on with a nod. The soldier pulled the curtains back and pushed Spartacus forward. He stepped lightly as he rubbed his wrists. He stopped in the middle between Linas and Alessia.
“Please… sit! Why so tense! We are here to enjoy a moment of pleasure and relaxation, the three of us!”
“I have a hard time relaxing with a soldier shoving a whip behind my back.”
“That is not for you.” Alessia sat on the marble bench behind her, her heart sinking in her rib cage. Spartacus watched Linas closely.
“Whatever your plans with her, I’ll take it all on me!” and his voice betrayed his anger. Alessia thought she saw a sparkle of prevention in Linas when Spartacus backed up against the wall, crossing his arms.
“I see… that might as well be arranged.” He sipped from the wine. “Now, this is your moment of glory. Don’t let me steal it from you. Enjoy!” and he signaled towards Alessia. But Spartacus didn’t move. He just turned his head to look at her. She was as white as the sheets she was wrapped in. He felt the impulse to grab her in his arms and hold her. But he had to play this by the book if his plan was to work.
“A private moment doesn’t always mean sex. There is much more to a woman than that.”
“Very true, but you don’t need to share anything with her. This is just a moment for you. You don’t need to know her to have her. So, indulge!” The way he said it made it clear he wanted to see him make love to her. He wanted to watch. Alessia felt sick and she covered her mouth.
“Is that repulsion?” Linas spoke in such a sweet ironic voice. “Is it that you don’t like your Champion anymore after all he’s been through today to have you… for a moment?” Spartacus left his spot ready to make him swallow those words. The soldier stepped at the same pace with him. But surprisingly he didn’t go to Linas but to Alessia. He took her hands and as she stood up he cupped her face just like the other night and gently kissed her, long and sweet until he felt her relax a bit. Behind them Linas grew insanely angered with Spartacus’ way of proving him wrong.
“Go on.” Spartacus turned around spearing him with his sight. “I said – go on!” The soldier took another step towards them. “Let me make it clear for you. If she so refused to be with me then there must be a reason and I believe that reason is you. I want to see the kind of greatness my bride to be admires so in you that she won’t give me her appreciation!”
“This is not why I am here for!”
“It is now! And if you don’t obey, I will make sure she gets whipped for each of your disobediences!” Spartacus sprang forth but the moment he did so, the whip flew in the air and landed on the side of Alessia’s body putting a red fiery mark on her right arm. Spartacus managed to cover her in time for the blow to be less traumatic and he took most of the wounds. He looked ravished with anger.
“Take her now! I have more men outside; don’t think you can out power me!” Spartacus evaluated the situation fast and he knew it was too soon for his plan to be put into action and they risked being killed if he opposed now.
            He turned towards Alessia and grabbing her by the shoulders shook her in his arms. “Do you trust me?” her tears made him even angrier. “Alessia…!”

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